Friday, August 22, 2008

August Pictorial Review:)

After a few days of playing and shopping in Amherst, my old hometown, we headed for PEI. After getting over Confederation Bridge (I've never seen it before) we discovered lots to do right there. One of the highlights was paying $2 each to dress-up as Anne with an 'e' as she was depicted upon arriving in Avonlea to be greeted by Matthew. You knew I had to do it:)

When we got to the cabins, we discovered a pool, playground, and boats. Plus the fire pits. I'm thinking of booking for a whole week here next year:)

J with Chestnut and Ci with Tina. This was right next door to the cabins. We actually canoed right under the bridge in the background and could see the paddocks from our cabin.

This is just a pretty picture I took while driving from MillsBrook to Cavendish. This area was full of beauty and the pictures just don't do it justice.

We visited Santa's Wood, where J took full advantage of the ride-on vehicles she doesn't have at home, while Ci discovered the bunnies and rock-climbing wall. This was a great place, with lots of stuff to do. We even met Santa - I think he's joined WW too.

The only museum we visited was Green Gables. There were lots of photo opportunities, since this isn't technically a historical site, but rather the location were LM Montgomeries relatives lived - and the location that the book was based on.

We walked the Haunted Wood trail at Green Gables. And the girls took a little break along the way.

My girls kicking back at Heather Beach. I used to walk from the cottage to this beach along the shore when the tide was out while I was growing up. The little one wouldn't go in the water past her knees and the older one kept wanting company out further so she could swim.

And of course she rolled in the sand...

Cottage poses of the vacationing girls and another with the hub.

Mom and I in the front yard at the cottage. She's sporting the bead necklace Ci made for her. Hubby and I in the sunroom while getting ready to leave on Sunday.

My baby graduated from preschool this week. A wonderful ceremony, which included 'The Alphabet Song' and many others, was held behind the Daycare.


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

looks like alot of fun!!!!!

Deborah said...

Wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

The vacation sounds like it was grand!

Love that happy grin on baby girls face, and just look at skinny you!

Colette said...

Candace...I love the pics. The kids looked like they had a great time too!!
Yeah and you look like your going to blow away if you lose anymore weight!! Sheesh I wish that was my problem...LOL
Maybe next year!!! Congrats to the little one on her graduation!!

Natalie said...

now I want to watch Ann of Green Gables! What a great trip and fun pictures!

Amanda said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks so relaxing!!!

I have to do you get blogger to "let" you upload so many pictures??? It will only let me upload 5 or 6 at a time. :(

Steph said...

You look soooo skinny! Do you ever look in the mirror and ask who that is staring back at you??

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