Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you believe?

In prayer of any kind?

Say some for Jamaica, Louisianna and all others in the way of Gustav today. It is currently reduced to a tropical storm and I'll be praying that it stays one or slows down as it moves towards my friends south of the Canadian Border.

Last year was a sad remembrance for Colette of Katrina after she'd spent 2 years re-building after her home was flooded. This year will definately be more anxiety with Gustav moving closer. Pray as well for her and her beautiful children as they deal with whatever comes through New Orleans.

Have a blessed, safe weekend.


Deborah said...

My prayers are sent.

Amanda said...

Praying over here..... I can't imagaine that happening again.

Colette said...

God Bless you Candace. This is such an emotional time for all of us here and it really helps knowing that people have not forgotten us and are praying.

God says to pray without ceasing...and that's what I will do!!
much love...

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