Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dance, Dance, Wherever You May Be!

Oh, the things I could talk about with this title...

First, I get to go to dance again this week after having to miss the past two. Hubby is back on days, so YAY!!! Looks like he'll be laid off this week for sure - not bad though, since we were expecting it as early as early September. The run has been pretty good this fall.

Secondly, the 10 yo is in a dance competition this coming weekend. We're looking forward to the trip - it's around 5 hours away. The 5 yo is staying with my mother, so we'll really get to spend some quality time and also get to enjoy watching a lot of dancing from other groups. More on that next week:)

Finally, how can this song not make you happy? It is completely filled with happiness and hope for the future. I LOVE it! And being happy inside and out goes a long way in this journey.

Get out there and dance. Have fun and smile. It does you more good than you can imagine.

Have a great week.

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Deborah said...

Just got off my duff and danced around the living room :o) Course I do that a lot while walking around the house. No one here to laugh at me but me so I have fun.

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