Friday, December 14, 2007

Menu for Friday

See what a cool thing I can do? Now I've just gotta figure out how to get the web addy to say "Menu" instead. Mandy? A little help here...

OK Mandy - Here goes




Melanie said...

Just FYI for you. I clicked on your link for spark people and thought it looked very cool - and wanted to check out the sparkpeople site for myself. So I typed in into a new browser window - and somehow I managed to get right to your sparkpeople start page. It never asked for a login/password - just took me straight there. Odd.

Candace said...

Woops! Thanks Melanie. I have changed the link - it's all my menu's and one can scroll around the dates. Unfortunately I don't populate the menu's here everyday, but am trying more and more to keep track of a caloric range and protein consumption since joining PhitNPhat. Hope you enjoyed checking out Sparks.

Mandy said...

:o) I'm so proud I can share my vast knowlege of all things blog'ish. (yeah right!)

What I did was write out the word, say "Menu" and then highlighted it. Then I clicked the little link button on the menu bar (just hold your mouse over the buttons until it gives you a label to find it) and then it'll give you a place to put the address (or url). That should link it.

I hope that makes sense. And I hope it actually works, because I so totally have my reputation to defend here!! :o)

PS: My girl NCChris knows lots and lots about this stuff - if that doesn't work for you, she's the real guru IMHO. :o)

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