Monday, February 18, 2008

I'd like to thank my friends and family...

Swizzlepop has bestowed upon ME and award because she thinks I'm cool. I think she totally rocks and want to trade places we live. Well, that's because she's in Cali where it's warm and sunny and I'm in Nova Scotia where it's cold and damp, but that's another story.

Swizz was one of my first on-line contacts. Through the months I added and deleted several for various reasons, some stopped blogging while others I simply had little in common with or were de-motivating. But Swizz is one of those bloggers that I am so glad I found as a friend - when she's down you just want to bring her back up and when she's up you want to hang on for the ride. She's got a lot to be up about, being in maintenance, living in the sunny state and married to a total hottie. She's also totally gorgeous. I'm not jealous though - really, I'm not - well, maybe a wee bit - but in a 'good for her' way, you know.

Anyway, enough about Swizz - this award was for me, lol. And I get to pass it on to those who I think are deserving. Well, I think today I feel like handing it on to those who are honest and totally inspiring - who try to incorporate new and healthy activities into their routines. A few special mentions:

Randi - Randi is just too cool. She's a straight shooter and has gotten fit simply by eating healthy and exercising. She uses common sense and has worked hard to figure this out on her own. She exercises by doing a wide range of activities and is totally inspiring. I've even forgiven her for dissing WW on occassion:)

Mousearoo - Marie is very comical - I presume she intends to be. Her and I are from two different worlds (I'm a middle-aged prude, lol and she's a big-city girl). I love her outlook on life and reading about her adventures of running, working, and living a life of WW maintenance in the big TO.

Diana - Diana is one of the most positive, upbeat bloggers I've ever read. She is constantly evaluating her journey in a positive light. She has done amazingly well and I'm sure will continue to do so. For a feel-good read, you really ought to visit Scale Junkie. Swizz also nominated her, but she's worth a double-take, and since Swizz has a private site I wanted to leave Diana's link for YOU.

Barbie - Steph was also nominated last week. But, since she's my dear friend and I love her so, I need to give her special mention here. Love you - don't change. Well, change, but only by eating more regularly - as in breakfast every day and stuff like that. And by accepting that you're as awesome as I think you are.

Other excellent blogs? If I've listed it to the left, it's excellent. They ALL get an award. You should visit them and say Hi.


Swizzlepop said...

Awe you totally made me blush. :)

Tina said...

You totally deserve it! You do rock!

Randi said...

Yay you! and now yay me! You're right I do sometimes diss WW and I will continue to do so for the plain fact you can do WW and still eat nothing but donuts and never hit the gym. Obviously those successful on WW do add some of their own common sense and maybe listen to me a little bit and do hit the gym and drop the donuts. Anyway, you know this whole rant of mine already! My point: Thanks! You are one of the blogs I always read and your losses (and that cool chart) always impress me (even though I don't always comment - sorry!)

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