Friday, February 15, 2008

Top 'O the Morning to Ya

Well, I decided to change my countdown and just realized the next 'fun day' is St. Patty's. Oh, how we love St. Patty's here in the Maritimes. I suppose the little Mouse will be celebrating her heritage in the big TO as well next month.

I also watched a little Irish legend hallmark video the other night with the family which also put me in the mood. It was called "The magical legend of the leprechauns" as was very good. Had some nice Irish dancing at one point, which makes me think of Zazu. It's been a couple weeks since I visited her blog, so I popped in to say Hi.

So, I guess I better stock up on some food colouring to be sure we have some green stuff when the big day arrives - then hide it. My 9yo has a tendency to 'steal' it and my skewers because she desperately wants a calligraphy set. I guess these combined satisfies her created needs.

Finally, apparently there was a 'storm' on Wednesday (some high winds, yes - I don't understand the weather warning systems anymore) so that WW was cancelled. I found this out by a sign posted AFTER I had driven there. SO, no WI again this week.


marie said...

You bet your booty I will be!

As the toke Irish girl, I get dragged along to bars for the fact that I can say pog ma thon and slainte to confuse everyone.

My niece Syd takes Irish dancing. I love watching her little legs flail about. But her soft shoes are so damn expensive and she grows out of them soooo fast and she's not even competitive yet!

marie said...

ack! that should have been token Irish girl. stupid work computer not letting me have firefox with a spell checker :@

zazu said...

I am looking forward to St.Patty's day! I am not a drinker so there has been nothing to really get excited for until I started Irish Dancing. We have about 5 performances and a parade this year that we have been getting ready for so I've been racking up some AP's (GOod think since I've pretty much slacked off on points for the past 2 weeks ;P) Thanks for checking out my blog and the suggestions on CORE. :)

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