Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Candian Turkey Day

So, next weekend is Thanksgiving and www.weightwatchers.ca sent out a loverly email with lots of tips and such. What do I consider the most important thing about getting through the weekend without gaining (umm, last year was a record gain for sure). This year I plan to use some Weight Watcher tools, like proper planning and some mental rehearsing. I'm eating at my sister-in-laws, and will bring with some cranberry sauce made with splenda and maybe a low fat desert, such as this angel food cake or the pie custard on the bottom of this page.

My plan:

  • Make my own cranberry sauce with splenda (it works – did it last Christmas)
  • Get my veggies before they add the butter and milk.
  • Put 1/4C gravy on my ‘naked’ potatoes
  • Put cranberry sauce on my 3-4 oz of turkey
  • 1C turnip is ‘free’ in pts
  • Carrot and broccoli and turnip to take up half of plate
  • Limit the other veggies to a bit of each and skip the stuffing (she does it right in the turkey)
  • If we get there early I’m taking the kids outside for a walk or something. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Will try to get in some good APs over the weekend as well.

Furthermore, I will:

  • Pencil in my food plan for the next day in my journal. I won't promise there won't be deviations, but it will be a guide for me so that the holiDAY doesn't turn into a holiWEEK. Also, planning to weigh in on Wednesday of next week to stop any residual poor behaviour short in its tracks.

Those not celebrating, have a great weekend anyway. Take Monday off just for laughs next week. Take care.

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Natalie said...

sounds like a great plan! i could use a holiday...ah well, november will be here soon enough.

anyway, i must have been in the spirit today because i made my very low in points crustless pumpkin pie! yummy. so i guess i will be celebrating with you. :-)

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