Thursday, October 2, 2008

Take your time

I was checking out some information on the net and found this thought quite interesting.

- Give yourself time to lose. This isn't a race and time-line goals are often difficult to obtain. I am always amazed at those who are disappointed because the ONLY lost 1 lb this week. Gee, I've been happy at ONLY gaining 1 lb some weeks:)

- Give yourself time to learn. Learn the program, the lifestyle, new habits and such

- Give yourself time to heal. Heal from years of self-abuse to your body and self-esteem.

The longer it takes the better the chances you have of long term success. You may also discover that other areas of your life are improving along with your weight as the lessons learned in WW are transferable to all areas of our lives. Goal setting is such an exciting **new** discovery for me.

Remember, you didn't gain all that weight in weeks or even months, so relax and enjoy the journey. Give yourself time.


Deborah said...

Great post! And sooooo true! We live in a day and time that we need instant gratification and losing weight sure isn't instant. I think that is the reason so many fail at this weight loss thingy.

Colette said...

Thanks I needed that!!


Natalie said...

great post... i needed that cause i'm worried i will be up tomorrow when i weigh in...not because i didn't follow program but because i am sore and it is that time and well because sometimes the scale is bipolar. so thanks for the reminder!!!!

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