Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learning From Our Mistakes:)

Well, after last week I was a little tentative about doing another WW meeting. BUT, like a good WW I evaluated the situation and examined ways to do things differently to get me to my ultimate goal. I kept what worked, asked for help from other leaders, and used some ideas from my past meetings that I attended.

Ironically, this weeks traditional meeting message is learning from our past (good and bad) and how this helps with our weight loss efforts. This Healthy Habit was/is key for me in both weight loss and my current maintenance efforts. A bad night on the scales is NEVER failure, only the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves (feedback) so we can move forward stronger than before.

Don't you love how the lessons learned in weight loss can help in other areas of our lives? Hmmm, maybe this is a lifestyle afterall:)

What are some of the things you have learned during your weight loss efforts (past and present) and how are these lessons helping you now?

Have a great week and remember, the only failure is giving up.


Deborah said...

Love your last sentence, "the only failure is giving up." Think that will really help be right now because I've been having thoughts of giving up on trying to lose the last 35 pounds and stopping here.

Things I'm learned? Hmmmm...
1. You can't do this thing if you are doing it for someone else. It has to be for you.

2. You need support from family and friends (even blog friends I've found out help) and if they don't give you support then stay away from them until you don't need the support any more.

3. Don't let the little backslides depress you. Learn from your mistakes and make a better effort the next time you are in a situation that caused it.

4. Set small goals instead of dwelling on the whole picture. If you dwell on the 100 pounds (or 50 or whatever) you have to lose then you will be discouraged and give up.

Natalie said...

there is a poster at my gym that says it all:
10 2 letter words to live by:

the other thing that i have learned came from this sentence: the difference between a wish and a goal is a plan! I realized how important it was to have a real plan and a realistic goal instead of spending time telling myself "i wish i could lose weight"!

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