Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, My Nerves

With regards to doing the WW meetings, last week I only did the intro. I introduced myself and gave out the celebration stickers then turned the meeting over to my mentor.

This week she stayed in the reception area. I called her up on one question, but other than that she let me do the meeting. A couple of points to note:

  1. I have to learn to engage the group more. They aren't so eager to respond to questions.
  2. I need to have a sense of humour and joke with them more. It doesn't matter if they like me - it's me liking them that is important.
  3. We have a lot of new members, but that doesn't mean they're new to WW or dieting. They have history, so feed on that.
  4. I really need to learn who the talkers are. That will help in the coming weeks.

I prepared a 2-page presentation. It did take me the whole 30 minutes, but I'd like to get it down to a page or two of points. I'll get the flow down in a couple of weeks.

My mentor is there again next week and then I am solo. Meanwhile, I've been asked to cover for MY leader tonight. In front of MY meeting members. Am I up for it? I think so. I have a couple of things in my favour. First, I've already given this meeting once and second, I know who the talkers are.

Tomorrow night I am meeting with my 'life coach' partner. We're not really life coaches, but she keeps me focused and helps me with my goals. Then it's off to Dance class. It's been a busy week.

PS, I ordered a new suite and a dress. The dress is going back. I also bought 3 'new' dresses at a 2nd hand shop last week; although at least 1 will have to be packed in the next couple of weeks with my other summer stuff. I LOVE retail therapy:)


JODI said...

i love retail therapy too - there's just something about finding a good bargain! :o)

congrats on your meeting - i'm sure you'll be a great WW leader... and definitely work-in the jokes - that always made me feel better... :o)

Deborah said...

Congrats on leading the meeting by yourself. I knew you could do it. How'd it go last night with "your" meeting?

I know what you mean about the "talkers." Being a former teacher I can relate with teaching adults. They were my worst students when I had to do a seminar. Those are the ones that I usually engaged in the questions and it kept them interested more. Good luck with that.

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