Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School

So, what would you say. Indifferent, nervous, anxious? Ci was like, my friends are on the bus and it's HE-YAR - you're embarassing me. She didn't actually say anything, but looks speak volumes. J had some anxiety issues going on, but was fine and very excited to give me my 'homework' last night. This morning she hopped right on that bus like an old pro.

Needed: New indoor sneakers for Ci (apparently, the ones I bought in May were worn just enough that they've been banned to outdoor status as soon as she can secure a new pair). New outdoor sneakers for J. We just didn't get around to learning how to tie yet and the ones she's wearing were hand-me-downs. I don't feel too bad, though.

Oh - and the matching skorts - they did that on their own. Ci really surprises me sometimes:)


Deborah said...

Precious picture. I know you'll treasure that one for a long time. Don't you just hate it that they grow up so fast?

Colette said...

awww the girls look so cute! Hope their first day was a great one!!


PS: I love the matching skirts!! Wish my kids could wear cute stuff like that. They have to wear uniforms....ughhhh...BORING!! LOL

anna said...

they look so adorable! don't you just hate letting them GROW UP??

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