Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WI tonight - Up 1.6lbs

Weighed in tonight. I'm not totally disappointed in my gain. For one, I usually work late, go to meeting, then home to eat. Well, a few of us from work were going out for supper, and rather than abstain from any food, or miss the WW meeting, I ate then went to a meeting in town, since I wouldn't be able to make one on Thursday. This means my entire supper was sitting there - yes, I had enough points for it, but it was just sitting in my gut, adding to the scale, whereas last week, it wasn't. I also had a huge glass of Diet Sprite and 2 bottles of water during supper. Note to self: one trip to washroom does not suffice for that much liquid. Well, we'll see what happens next week. I knew this was probably a bad idea, but as I said, it wasn't so much about the scale this week as fitting a meeting in. I WILL NOT negate the weight I have lost. Don't know if I'll make the 175 by next Wednesday, but I'll be closer than I was a month and a half ago.

May 23 - 186
May 30 - 182.2 (-3.8)
June 6 - 181 (-1.2)
June 13 - 178.4 (-2.6)
June 20 - 178.4 (SS)
June 27 - 180 (+1.6)

As for this weekend, we plan on a little camping trip. There'll be Canada Day Fireworks and lots of activity. I'll plan the menus tomorrow so it'll (hopefully) be a no-brainer. Should get some swimming APs in. As for beverages, I can stop after 1 drink of wine or beer in the evening, so I don't have that as an issue at least. Also, Blue Menu 5pt. burgers are delish, and someone said they have 3pt. ones in kiddie sizes - I also bought some Blue Menu lentil patties that look interesting. Will bring some oatmeal and stock up on veggies and fruit. I might even be tempted to bake some 1pt. Betty Crocker LF Brownies with whip cream for desert one night.

Cheers, Candace


Colette said...

Welcome Candance.. I am glad you added me. You will find that all the ladies laugh, cry and cheer each other on daily.. trust me when I say you WILL get addicted to the "community" as we call it.

Don't let the 1.6 rule is a new day so go " kick some azz" girlfriend!!!!

dizzydazey said...

(Colette's comments always make me smile!)

I'm glad you added me, too! Welcome to our community!

You're right to not let the 1.6 bother you. I would't be suprised to find out that you had actually lost weight this week because 1.6 isn't that much when you consider the fact that you had just eaten a meal and had drank a lot of liquid.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your camping trip, too! :o)

Janet said...

I'm glad that you realized why you may have weighed up rather than freak out! Too often (for me!) the reaction is to freak out, rant, then realize why. And making it to a meeting even though it wasn't your usual time or place - THAT's committment!

Welcome to our "community," "group," "blog ring"... Whatever you want to call it for now!


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