Friday, July 6, 2007

Menus and Pitfalls

OK, I wasn't sure if I was going to post menu's, but once in a while, why not. My plan was to have 1 scrambled egg for supper with some grilled tomatoe and then some sorbet with berries later in the evening. Well, I was so late getting home that I was VERY hungry and thought, egg - 2pt, pizza 3 pts, pb&j sand 2pts, still good. Ahem - anyhoo - NOT!

DAY 1: 23 daily pts, 7 weekly pts
1/2C Bran cereal with 1 Banana and 1C LF Soy Drink - 5pts
Snack: Apple 1pt

Subway 6" Sw Onion Chicken Ter on wheat with sw onion sauce 8 pts
Vice: Coffee w. cream & splenda 2pts

2 scrambled eggs in oil 5pts
1/6 Thin Crust greek pizza approx 3 pts
PB&J Sandwich 3 pts
Small piece of b-day cake approx 3 pts

Activity: fast walk 15 mins at lunch (rain, rain, go away)
Day-in-week; 1
Weekly Points remaining: 28


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

How do you make a 3 point PBJ??? I've been missing them and would love to know!!

Candace said...

A 3pt PB&J: I use Weight Watchers wheat bread. It's 1pt/2slices. I think there's a couple of other brands out there as well. Kraft 25% less fat PB is 2pts/Tbsp, plenty to give those slices a nice covering. I've also found a jam that is 0pts. Now, I know this doesn't mean I can slather it on - at 2Tbsp is would count as a point, but for 1Tbsp it is 0pts. It is one of those double fruit ones. I get PC Blue menu at the Superstore. You could also 'make' your own jam using thawed berries and sweetner.

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