Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good-Bye Sears and 28%

Last week Sears had on their Warehouse Sale. Interestingly enough, we needed a new lawn mower. We bit the bullet and went to buy one. Mark wanted self-propelled with side and rear-bag discharges and big back wheels. I mean, he really wanted a ride-on, but this was the second choice. I had cashed in my Sears Club points for $35 in gift certificates and used them towards the purchase. The rest went on the card and then...I paid the card off. Woohoo. Thank you Sears.

Left to do: Cancel whatever insurance policy is going through that card and reduce the limit to $500. I do like this card for on-line purchases from Sears, but the 28% interest has GOT to go. I lurve Sears and can't bring myself to cancel the card - at least not yet.

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Deborah said...

Way to go on paying the card off.

I've got a self propelled mower and it's wonderful. Couldn't justify the riding kind since I only have a small yard.

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