Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Ones


Colette said...

Happy Birthday Girls!! They are so pretty Candace!! :)

Hope you guys all had a wonderful day!!


Deborah said...


What cuties!!

Dawn said...

OH Candace, what precious girls you have. I have 2 girls too. Happy late Birthday to both of them. So neat that they share the same birthday a few years apart.

I noticed you were doing Core. Good food plan. I haven't ever tried it specificaly but like you I already eat that way most of the time. It is a great plan though. Good luck getting to your personal goal. You are so close!!!

Amanda said...

Do they have the same birthday date? Just a couple years apart? My boys were both in April--4 days shy of 4 years apart...April 24 (Zac) and April 28 (Xander). Wasn't planned that way exactly, but I think we'll like it!

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