Friday, July 18, 2008

Water Retention? Clothes?

Not sure why, but the scale is way down at this weeks WI. 141.6lbs - A new number. I'll take it.

I've been the weigher-inner at 2 meetings this week. It went well. I also reviewed how to do the tally. I did a 'remote' location on Monday night (trunks, tear-down) and the base location on Wednesday night. Good stuff.

After today - there's only 2 more weeks before vacation. So MUCH to do at work before then. We're going to PEI over-night during the first week and spending the second week at the cottage. Can you say Relax. I'm looking very much forward to it.


Deborah said...

Congrats on the "way down" scales.

Glad you are enjoying working for WW.

Kim said...

Congrats on the new low number!!! Your hard work is really paying off! :)

Amanda said...

Woo hoo for a new low number! AWESOME!!

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