Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the Scale drops the morning AFTER Weigh-in

OK, so last night was not my official weigh-in. But, I had stepped on the scale last Monday evening (with indoor jacket and boots on) and kept track of my points all week. So, last night I stepped on the scale again to get a feel for what was happening - and because all of this was related to a new meeting project for the travelling journal. Yesterday morning I had also stepped on my home scale. Let me give you a re-cap of what the various scales said:

Monday the 5th - evening: WW scale: 150.0
Monday the 12th - morn: Digital devil: approx 152
Monday the 12th - evening: WW scale: 149.6
Tuesday the 13th - morn: Digital devil: approx 148

Just goes to show you that the scale provides feedback only. The general trend is down (yay for journaling). Having said all of this, I will only be weighing-in once a week in the future. Multiple weigh-ins are not good for stress level (of course, WW already knows that).

By Wednesday evening I will have my 'official' WW WI (sweaters and shoes removed). The last 'official' WI was well before Christmas and I am not expecting to see a number below 145 again yet, so I have some work to do. And, I am looking forward to attending a meeting as a member. Sticking with WW pts for weight-loss again this week.


Natalie said...

ahhhhh feedback!

digital devil... i love it. i might have to use that!!!

Candace MacPherson said...

Yeah - my favourite saying is, the scale provides feedback. It's what you do with that feedback that affects your results.

Amanda said...

Yes, we all know this, but why does that stupid number have such an affect on us?!?!?? Such a cycle! :)

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