Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goals and Challenges

HooBoy, Do I have goals. I was pretty lazy about getting them down this month, but here goes.

Physical Health: Back to tracking all food and attempting to stay within weight-loss points. Also, committing to a 4-day regime with 2 stregth session per week.

Give Back: I really think my roal with WW is a part of this. I haven't been able to go to other meetings this month as my husband is working evenings. Other than that, I'm focusing on preparing for the meetings ahead of time as best I can and sticking fairly closely to the meeting agendas.

Finances: In maintenance phase. Not a priority during the winter usually. Trying to stick to budget and not acquire further debt.

Continuing education: Sometimes I don't feel like I have the time for this. Last year I gave up the CGA program of professional studies. I've been thinking lately of other alternatives. Massage Therapy could be good...they have a weekend training for free in the city that sounds interesting.

Self-improvement: Something has recently caught my attention that intriques me about the masculine and feminine energies. I want to further explore this information in the next several weeks. As a result of this, I have had several conversations with my husband about my lack of vision - and how that's OK. He has vision and has struggled against me for years as I tend to live in the moment. I think it's time to let go of fear and allow him to create.

Take care.

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