Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Best Defense

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I walked into the lunch room at work and saw not one, but several boxes and bags of treats. From chocolate and cookies to pretzels and chocolate-covered caramel popcorn. Then what landed at lunch? Food from a cancelled meeting. Sandwiches, soups, sweats and a veggie tray.

I didn't do so well with the chocolate, had a bowl of leek soup, a half sandwich made with real chicken (not the processed stuff) and stuffed myself on the veggie tray. It could have been worse. The treats are still here today. What would you do?

Ahem...what would you do?

Jan 5/08 - Day 1 of a commitment to write it before you bite it.

Coffee with whole milk (1)
Oatmeal with blueberries, 2/3C soy drink and splenda (5)
Water and multivitamin
Coffee with whole milk (1)

Make pulic my commitments:

  1. Track all foods eaten for this week
  2. Cardio - 30 mins - 5x
  3. Strength training - 2x
  4. NO chocolate this week

It's 9:40am on Day 1 - So far, so good. I will be tracking in my handy-dandy WW 3-month journal this week and then hand the journal on to one of my members to track in next week. Talk about accountability!

So, what do you think about a rotating journal in meetings? Is this something you would do? We'll be marking the weekly weight-loss of the different members in the book - hopefully starting with me. Also, is it a good idea to start the book with me. My thoughts were: I wouldn't ask you to do it unless I was willing to do it myself. Plus, it provides a good template (I think). Thoughts and feedback on this are greatly appreciated.


Colette said...

I love the idea about the rotating journal!! It would be a great experience to not only learn from my mistakes but get great food idea's from others. As long as it was done in a productive way I think it would be a win/win situation for all involved. I definately would not make it mandatory but let people volunteer!!!
As for the chocolate...look at it and envision it as BABY POOP!! UGH....lol
Would you eat poop? lmao....
Have a great one.

Deborah said...

Frist of all I'd stay OUT of the lunch room. I just have a hard time turning down chocolate.

Second: the rotating journal sounds interesting. What a great way for accountablility. What do your members think of it?

Candace MacPherson said...

I posted this on Debbie's comments, but thought I'd share here as well.

We haven't really talked yet about the journal in the meeting. Half the members last night were knew. I did ask Ron if he'd take it home next week and he's game - said he was going to buy one next week, so I told him to check this one out first and then buy one the following week. I decided to be the first 'journaller' because 1) I need to get back on track and 2) it will provide a template and show that we're all in this together. I'm hopeful that it will be welcomed. I'm confident that anyone who journals every day for a week will make real changes in their choices - especially if someone else is going to be looking at what they wrote. One of the other leaders in my area does this and calls it a 'magic journal' because almost everyone who takes it home loses that week. It would, of course be strictly volunteer.

Anonymous said...

I just started a new job, first time in the kitchen, there's a pile of little fudges and little cookies. I ignored both of them. It wasn't even that hard, I just resigned myself to do that. I went in in the afternoon, when it was just crumbs, and ate a fudge crumb. I'm also ignoring the free pepsi, free granola bars, free cookies and pretzels, and drinking the free tea.

Natalie said...

our new leader just started a traveling journal today! i can't wait to see how it works out. i think it is a great idea!!!

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