Friday, June 29, 2007

Subway - Points

OK, does anyone know how to figure these out.

The sandwiches have points listed and the breads have points listed. I presume, but am not sure, that we have to add the two together, plus any dressing points (I usually just do mustard and some oil (I was once told that oil helps bring out the flavour in the veggies, but heck, now it's just to knock off that pesky GHG).

I keep forgetting to ask at the meetings and the whole think is driving me 'cause I love Subway. I can't believe an itty bit of meat, no cheese and a bunch of veggies is 4 pts, but whatever.

Cheers, Candace

Camping Prep

OK, I should have left work at 5:00 yesterday and just gone home. Nope, let's get some stuff wrapped up first. Do I have a key? Yep! Duh, I had lots of keys, just not the one for the office - grrr. OK, now we're late meeting hubby to 'buy' the camping supplies. Yay! We were going to use points that I'd been accumulating. We stocked up and...Where the heck was my card? Still haven't found it! Hubby took the bank cards to get money out of the 'other' account - you know, the one that you can't access at the ATMs, and popped by home to see if he could find the points card. That's OK, I'll just go to grab a bite to eat with the girls at Subway while we wait. Got to cash and... WTF?, no bank cards. Of course, I had just given them to hubby. Yup - we're batting 1000 here. OK, thank goodness the cell works - 'Can you please come to Subway and pay for our supper?' and 'Well, what do you want? I'll get yours ordered too.' Gotta be sweet - Karma might be watching. OK, a full belly and we're off to the bank and back to the camping gear to pay. Then hubby says, "What are we getting for groceries?". HELLO it's now 8:30 - I'm going home to bed before anything else goes wrong! Oh, hubby had a footlong so he could take half to work today and lost the other half in the car shuffles. We'll likely find it packing tomorrow all stinky and rotten - Oh well. And this morning my wonderful breakfast of LF yogurt, strawberries and granola that I planned on eating when I got to work is stranded at home. Fortunately I keep stashes of bread, jam and cheese in the fridge here. To top everything off, our dog sitter is booked up this weekend and can't take our dog, so we get to take Baloo, aka Barky, to the campground. And that means a trip to the pet store for an electric collar.

Is there any advice here? No - just my ramble.

Cheers everyone and thanks for reading, Candace

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WI tonight - Up 1.6lbs

Weighed in tonight. I'm not totally disappointed in my gain. For one, I usually work late, go to meeting, then home to eat. Well, a few of us from work were going out for supper, and rather than abstain from any food, or miss the WW meeting, I ate then went to a meeting in town, since I wouldn't be able to make one on Thursday. This means my entire supper was sitting there - yes, I had enough points for it, but it was just sitting in my gut, adding to the scale, whereas last week, it wasn't. I also had a huge glass of Diet Sprite and 2 bottles of water during supper. Note to self: one trip to washroom does not suffice for that much liquid. Well, we'll see what happens next week. I knew this was probably a bad idea, but as I said, it wasn't so much about the scale this week as fitting a meeting in. I WILL NOT negate the weight I have lost. Don't know if I'll make the 175 by next Wednesday, but I'll be closer than I was a month and a half ago.

May 23 - 186
May 30 - 182.2 (-3.8)
June 6 - 181 (-1.2)
June 13 - 178.4 (-2.6)
June 20 - 178.4 (SS)
June 27 - 180 (+1.6)

As for this weekend, we plan on a little camping trip. There'll be Canada Day Fireworks and lots of activity. I'll plan the menus tomorrow so it'll (hopefully) be a no-brainer. Should get some swimming APs in. As for beverages, I can stop after 1 drink of wine or beer in the evening, so I don't have that as an issue at least. Also, Blue Menu 5pt. burgers are delish, and someone said they have 3pt. ones in kiddie sizes - I also bought some Blue Menu lentil patties that look interesting. Will bring some oatmeal and stock up on veggies and fruit. I might even be tempted to bake some 1pt. Betty Crocker LF Brownies with whip cream for desert one night.

Cheers, Candace

Starting the Process

Well, this is about my Journey to Thin! But first, some background on my journey to Big.

At 27 I became pregnant with bambino #1. At 5'6" and 140lbs I didn't usually give much thought to my weight, what I ate or anything to do with exercise. By the time my daughter was 6 months, I was back in my size 10, some 12. Not sure what happened after that - metabolism change, I suppose. By Fall of 2002 I was 170 lbs and became pregnant with bambino #2. Giving birth at 205lbs I vowed never to go over 200 again, but did nothing different that I've ever done.

So, on May 19, 2007 I got a set of dial scales for home. I weighed in at 190 and began to crash diet. I HAD to lose this weight. It had been creeping on for 7-8 years and I was now buying size 16, sometimes 18. By Wednesday the 23rd I realized that I needed support. In the previous weeks I had run into two different ladies I hadn’t seen in a while. They looked great – both had informed me that they lost their weight with Weight Watchers and exercise. It turns out there are Wednesday night meetings in my community. I took that as a sign and attended, weighing in at 186. My first goal is to reach 175 by July 4.

I am now in week 5 and weighed in last week at 178.4. I am on the flex plan. In early June I came across Roni's Weight Watchen page and got a lot of motivation there, including the idea to start my own blog, but it wasn't until her site went down and I saw everybody else creating new ways to stay in touch that I was really motivated to do this. While she's busy re-building, I thought it would be nice to join other Weight Watchen ladies here.

My favourite weight loss tips that I have found:

  1. Bury rarely used items in the crispers and leave your fresh fruit on the easy-access shelves of your refrigerator.
  2. Superstore Blue Menu items. Not a tip - well, I'm sure glad we have them.
  3. Frozen fruit and vegetables to bulk up, well, anything from cereal to a Blue Menu frozen dinner.
  4. Breakfast is very important. Share this wonderful time of day with your children. It's worth waking up early for. (OK, that's not a tip, just an observation on my part - and it helps keep those lines of communications open with the 9 year-old going on 16).
  5. Weight training can be obtained by carrying the trike back home after a walk (OK, maybe another observation, but how else am I going to get AP points while walking at pre-schooler pace).
Well, that's enough for first time out.
Cheers, Candace

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