Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The revival

Hmmm, I'm still tired but feeling much better today. I do not function well on little sleep. Why do I feel better? Well, I got an email from our tech support asking me to go home at last night so he could re-boot the server and was wanting to go to bed himself. So, I logged off, posted here and went home. I crawled into bed around 12:30. Honestly, a few late nights and I was like lead getting out of bed this morning. BUT, for the first time in weeks I didn't just roll over and go to sleep. I've been missing hubby and needed some cuddle time - I guess he felt the same way. It's amazing how the 'old married couple' routine just takes over sometimes and you're just 2 people who happen to live in the same house. It's always nice to break down those walls and reconnect, and with kids and work sometimes those walls need to come down when normal people are asleep, lol. Anyway, I don't know if that's the full connection or if I've just gone beyond tired and am bordering on delusional!!!

Anyway, still a tonne of work to do. It's gonna get busier as today is year-end, the scariest time of the year.

Happy Halloween y'all.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Wall

I think I've hit one. Emotionally I had been dull for weeks. I am tired and want to be home in bed, but here I am working late again tonight. I hate year-end and deadlines. My house is a mess, I missed my 'get ready for the week' night last night, and I missed swimming with J for the second week in a row. I ate at Tim's for lunch yesterday, a grilled chicken salad from McDs last night and Subway at lunch today. You'd think hubby could have at least picked up some groceries. I had to ask him to make sure he bought supplies for Ci's lunch tomorrow - not sure why that isn't just a given.

Negativity coming out. Gotta go and will check in when rested.


Sunday, October 28, 2007


The weekend in SAINT John was golden. Food-wise I could have done better, but tonight it's over. I won't go into the sordid details, but I will say I tried. We did walk into this place down on the waterfront and the restaurant stunk like a sweaty gym so we left. Grannon's or something. Not exactly kid-friendly and I don't know why anyone would recommend it to us. We ended up at Jungle Jim's - always a safe choice with little ones. I've been wanting to try Cora's, so I drug everyone there for brunch today and...delicious - will go again.

And they danced! They were wonderful - all of them. I would have liked to have seen more, but when a 9 yo has had enough and a 4 yo had been patiently sitting in an audience for over 2 hours, you count your blessings that it lasted as long as it did. Ci did 2 numbers, a jazz for under 10's and a hiphop for under 12's (this they did with girls who've been competing a year longer than her group). They got Gold for both numbers. Our older girls took gold for a couple of the numbers I saw as well. The 4yo was quite upset and asked me what that teacher was doing to Olivia's neck (as part of the dance, the teacher helper from J's dance class looks like she's pulling Olivia, a favourite lifeguard, around by her neck). I tried to explain it was just part of the dance and the teacher never actually touched Olivia. Anyway, J still wasn't too sure and I'm sure will bring it up again at some point.

And we swam at the hotel pool. A few times. The 'hot' tub was more like a 'warm' tub this morning so a few of the kids pretty much stuck to it. I didn't make it to the weight room. I didn't want to leave Mom alone with both kids for that long and she never came to the pool to watch the kids, so I never asked. Another time maybe.

What a long drive though. We stopped in Amherst on the way home for a couple of hours and the kids watched a scary halloween show on TV at Mom's and we ate supper. Then we headed home. Daddy's some glad to see his girls. I'm very tired and will check in on everyone through the week. It's going to be crazy at work. 3 more sleeps!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Got a Secret

No Where to Run asked what some of my secrets to weight loss were. Heck, like most of us who have had some success with this - I just don't know. I also feel silly posting any advice I may have when faced with the amazing women in my blog community - Steph the big loser, Swizz the scientist, Randi the iron-woman, and everyone else who I turn to daily for motivation. Regardless, I've decided tonight to play 'Randi' and pretend I'm a know-it-all, LOL. Anyone reading this ought to keep in mind that my loss is quite slow, averaging just over 1lb/week since I started this in May.

The beginning: It was recognizing a disgust I had with my body. Staring at my stomach and thinking "I hate this." I go back to this image whenever I feel myself becoming too complacent. Several things lead me to the end of the beginning.

What is the end of the beginning? For me it was walking into a Weight Watchers meeting, but any program will do, even your own. I didn't know about food - I was a thin kid who ate like a man - correction, a working man. Until I was 29 this worked quite nicely for me, but then it stopped - my metabolism suddenly slowed down. WW taught me things about food that I had no idea about. And for the first time in my life I became aware of what I was eating.

In the months since this journey began I have 'trained' my family to be supportive. At first my children were especially upset because they like the built-in pillow. Supportive doesn't mean that they will eat everything I eat - yet - but it does mean that they're more sensitive, they don't try to de-rail my efforts ('Let's eat out tonight - you've been working so hard' is NOT supportive). For everyone this support is different. For me, it is having my 4yo be the first to ask me how my meeting was, my 9yo to smile at my successes and give me a hug, and my husband to try to make point-friendly meals and ask when I can work in a meal out.

Then I discovered blogland. I found Roni who lead me to: Colette who makes me laugh and Steph who makes me laugh and cry at the same time and Becky who is a sweety through and through and Swizz with her crazy graphs and crazier heels. I started my blog - and this community gives me support and information that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I have expanded my blog weight-loss support group, revising my daily reads as I 'meet' new people and discover that others have stopped posting (runnergirl, melody, gone).

Through a blog-friend I discovered Sparks and found a lot of exercise tips there. At around the same time I 'met' Randi who expanded my horizons regarding strenght-training. I still struggle with the exercise thing, but trying and trying again - that's the biggest thing there.

Weight-loss, they say is made up of calories in and calories out, but it is so much more. It is food, it is exercise, and sometimes it's weighing-in after a pee, lol. But it's also your support system. Only you can decide who you will turn to for support. You need support in real life and, for me, in cyber-space.

The only other thing I can say is definately required is attitude. Each person can look at an event and take different steps: you weigh-in today and gain 3.2lbs (uh, yeah, let's not do that again). Do you: a) get depressed, say you blew it, and eat like crazy for a couple of days, b) re-focus, evaluate and move forward, while staying on-plan. This attitude, this perception, is going to be your success.

Other tips:

  • Take measurements so you have another tool to measure success other than the demon scale. These should be taken every 1-2 months, or when you hit a plateau
  • Attempt activity - do what you are comfortable with. Every little bit helps
  • Journal your food (it's amazing what we 'forget' we ate)
  • Pack lunches often - make your own frozen dinners
  • Eat whole foods whenever possible, including whole grains such as brown rice and fresh fruit vs. dried. They are more filling
  • Drink lots of water
  • Share successes so others can celebrate with you
  • Share challenges so others can offer their support to you
  • Stock up on frozen fruits & veggies, and keep fresh stock at reasonable quantities to avoid feeding the composter
  • Some protein, such as cheese and crackers or almonds while you're waiting for dinner will keep you full longer and you only need a bit
  • I also try to get a dairy and a fruit in every morning at breakfast to get these servings under my belt, so to speak. It gives a great start to the day
  • Remember, this is not a diet. It is your life and there's no rush. Take time to develope good habits and love yourself.

PS - I lost 1lb this week and decided to stick withthe cords as my weigh-in clothes. I also bought the 9-week holiday super-saver plan, so I'm good until Christmas.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's on the Menu Today?

Hmmm, what an interesting post Candace? Oui, oui, mon belle.

Breaky: 2 Coffee with whole milk, 1C All Bran with 1C LF soy drink and 1C blueberries (defrosted) - 6pts

In lunch box today:
2 6-point dinners (one for lunch, one for supper as it's a late night)
Around 1.5-2 cups baby carrots
Large peach
a bunch of almonds. I'll have to measure them out later - a dangerous game, I know.

Well, tonight is weigh-in children. I'm saving one of my dinners until afterwards. I won't bore you any more today with my consumption news.

Instead, I want to tell you that I get to travel this weekend. Very exciting for me. The chickens and I are heading to my Mom's (she and Mel moved into the house this week) tomorrow evening. I get to go to work at our Dieppe location on Friday - tres exciting to hang with the real francais speaking blokes for a day. Then, I back-track to get Mom and the kids and we're off to St. John (that's right Carolyn, I'm heading your way!). We'll be staying at the luxurious Delta Brunswick along with several other rowdy children and my lovely 9yo will be dancing in a little competition on Saturday down-town. I'd like to get the kids out to that beautiful walking park sometime if weather permits, but I think they'll just be content to enjoy the pool and city centre.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gimme a 1, Gimme a 2, Gimme a 1, 2, 1-2

Can you say Twelve?
I Can!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beauty Perception

I took my daughter to a workshop for young girls last year which showed this film. Girls and parents were shocked. I'll often remind my daughter of this workshop when I hear her putting other girls down or calling her sister names. I think the film speaks for itself.

While I believe most people I have come across in blogshpere have the same philosophy as I, it is often hard to get around onslaught of images from the media. If you have daughters talk to them early - you can check out other Dove films at:

Mark's Answers to Halloween Quiz

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You
You love the drama of Halloween. You definitely like to have the best costume around - and everyone noticing you.
You like to think of yourself as naughty. But compared to most people, you're actually quite mild.
Your inner child is open minded, playful, and adventurous.
You fear people taking advantage for you. You are always worried about protecting your own interests.
You're prone to be quite emotional and over dramatic. Deep down, you enjoy being scared out of your mind... even if you don't admit it.
You are a traditionalist with most aspects of your life. You like your Halloween costume to be basic, well made, and conventional enough to wear another year.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Halloween

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You
You're a friendly person, but not the life of the party. You like making someone else's day - and you'll dress up if you think of a really fun costume.
You definitely think of yourself as someone who has a dark side. And part of having that dark side means not showing it.
Your inner child is stubborn and a bit bossy.
You truly fear the dark side of humanity. You are a true misanthrope.
You're logical, rational, and not easily effected. Not a lot scares you... especially when it comes to the paranormal.
You are picky and high maintenance. If you wear a Halloween costume, it's only when you really feel like it. And it has to be perfect.

Wednesday WI

For the week ended October 17, I am down 2.4

I knew the gain last week was not all gain, and I recognize that I have officially switched to winter-wear for weigh-in. Current weight at 161.2 and I am eager just to see 15X on that scale.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Many moons ago, when I was going to Acadia University, I took an aquasize class once. Just once. The gym was wayyyy down the bottom of the hill and you had to walk by the gym to get to the pool. The gym was filled with football and hockey players - no one else ever seemed to utilize it. Why would I want to walk by this room and feel ---> <--- big (Marie used that sign the other day - love it). Anyway, I only went to the pool 2x in 2 years and never to the gym.

So, that was my experience with aquasize. The class was good, but there were other things to do than go down to the fitness centre.

Last night I participated in my second-ever aquasize class. The pool was filled with Mom's of all ages and sizes (and a Dad). Really, being in the water, no one can really see what anyone else is doing. Also, most of it is resistance, so could be a good muscle workout if you work it. We used some props, such as mini-paddles that act as weights when pushed quickly through the water. I liked it, but don't know how much I'll do of this while bobbing around with the LO. I think I'll take it again next week.

It also dawned on me that I've been struggling to get in 2.5 hrs/week activity while running around with the kids to various activities. The 9yo, for instance, has the following week, on average: 1hr Hip Hop, 1hr Jazz, 1hr Tap, 30mins swimming lessons, approx 60mins family swims, 60mins of gym classes, plus approx 45 mins everyday running around the school yard for recesses/lunches, plus after school play which often includes biking or tag. Good lord, no wonder she can consume so much junk food and still be thin! I want to be 9 again!!!

Now me (this week), 45mins ballet/hiphop, 45mins yoga, 60mins aquasize, 45mins walk. What is missing: I am doing nothing in the morning (what happened to my abs, biceps and glutes?) and I am doing nothing at noon (what happened to my 20 min lunch walks?). Yes, I'm calling me out. My classes are great, and yeah for taking the dog for a walk, but that isn't building muscle or utilizing my recesses - er, lunches. OK, walk today at lunch - sun is shining and no rain - why, oh why, did I wear high-heel boots today?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Food choices

I've been kind of 'blah' all week and am not sure what to expect tomorrow night at WI. I am going to wear my cords again, so at least we'll get a 'real' reading this time. I know I need to get back to my morning routines - I've been dragging every morning for the past few weeks and know this would help me.

I slacked off on journalling, but have done a mental count of points and don't think I'm under on any day. I've also been conscious of getting my dairy and oils as that's historically been a weak point.

I had a good workout dance/yoga on Thursday night, followed by swimming on both Saturday and Sunday evenings with the kids and a good walk (45mins maybe?) with the dog on Sunday. I'm going to take an aquasize class tonight as well.

I've probably been drinking too much coffee again. Saturday maybe wasn't such a good eating day. I started off behind the 8-ball by running late to the LOs dance class, so I took mil and the 9yo to the donut shop and had a coffee and half a ham and cheese scone. After we got home, hubby and I had to run to the lawyers to sign mortgage documents and took the LO to the bakery afterwards. I had another coffee and a small oatcake (so far, so not good). Hubby was eyeing the brown bread, so I bought a loaf and said I'd make him some baked beans. Then I had a mini-supper while hubby was at the grocery of a bit of chicken, rice, that new PC curry sauce for chicken and some veggies. Mil had some too and really liked it. I just needed some 'real' food at that point. I scored brownie points with the family at supper, but ended up with baked beans, ham and scalloped potatoes for supper. Then I totally blew the day when I decided to have a couple of pistachio's - it's been a while since I've had a salty snack and I went a bit over-board. I did stop myself before I went too-too far. Luckily, both kids love them too, and finished the bag off in short order.

Other than Saturday, I think I've been doing pretty good trying to stick with as many whole foods as possible. I made a few more 'frozen dinners' this week. This little chore actually makes me feel really good and takes some stress out of lunch time. When I go to work, my cooler is packed with lots of healthy choices - I often find myself going home with some stuff uneaten. Today I had granola and soy drink for breaky, a frozen dinner for lunch, 4 Simple Pleasures lemon cookies (120 calories for 4) as a coffee snack (OK, maybe this isn't healthy, but we all need something sometimes, and it's better I have it in small quantities while at work so I don't have any more), an apple and some rice crackers. I don't think I'll bother with the crackers today and really need to get to the grocery for some more fruit, carrots and nuts. I'm working on cup 6 of water mid-afternoon. So, without the crackers, I'll have had 15 pts before going home tonight - which leave 7 pts left for supper and snack, if desired - I'm going to try not to use any flex's today with tomorrow as WI. I think I feel like chicken tonight.

Last night, Mark cooked some trout in I don't know what kind of sauce. Yummy! He was frying some potatoes and I grabbed one. He slapped my hand and told me I couldn't have them because they were fried. So I said, "Aren't you frying them in olive oil?". Uh - duh, yes. So I had trout and fried taters - Double Yummy! Then a piece on Naan Bread with Pizza sauce and grated mozza - OK, badish in that I'd already eaten, but it was a smallish piece, and LF cheese. I love that Naan bread. The garlic is super nice done as a basic pizza (no extra toppings and not too much sauce or cheese). My kids just love this and I'm so glad that it's a good alternative for the 9yo to take on pizza Fridays to lunch since she can't have regular cheese.

I don't feel like I've done a lot exercise wise this week, but I will exceed my 150 minutes that I wanted to do so I feel good about that. It's better than I've been doing, anyway.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween Barbie *itch

I thought it about time to have a little Barbie bitch, but settled on a Barbie witch instead.

This is the weekend that we get to decorate for Hallow's Eve. I'm so excited. I want to hang the white lights that can stay up for Christmas and get the kids involved in some decorating outside and in the living room.

Guess we gotta nail down some costume ideas pretty soon, too. I'm always so late with these things - not the Martha Stewart Mommy by any stretch. Like any good Barbie though, I can come up with a story to depict a lesson pretty quick. See, the Wicked Witch of the West didn't plan adequately - silly to leave that bucket of water just lying around - and did not survive to the end of the story because of this oversight.

Well, I have 2 weeks to plan for this and there's no better time than the present before some brat throws water on me! The water here often comes in the form of staying up late trying to throw up some decorations because we're the last ones on the street to decorate, running out on Oct 31 to pick up treats on the way home from work, trying to console a crying child because all of the 'good' costumes are gone.

Oh yeah, been there. This year, Mamma is NOT dressing up as the Wicked Witch of the West (although I love the costume) and will try to come up with something more proactive.

So, get a broom and fly away to the costume store, farmers market and second hand clothing outlets. Get everything YOU need to be the good Glenda Barbie witch this year. Dorothy loved her.

Holding my Head High

I am trying to hold my head high as I report a gain of 3.2

It is a gain, definately. The scale said 163.6 - or did it? OK, this is where I try to justify the gain. Why? Because I can't accept that a few beer, a couple glasses of wine and 5 VERY small chocolates did this.

I had a debacle at a lawyers office last night and was 'required' to sign new mortgage documents ASAP. NOT - the documents were nothing like what I had discussed with the banker - variable vs fixed, term, interest rate - they were ALL different. What a waste of time. I'll be back there again on Saturday to, hopefully, sign the right documents.

Anyway, this meant I couldn't go home and put on my weigh-in outfit - I was running late for meeting as was. Usually not a biggie, but yesterday I was wearing cords and a belt with a buckle! So, shocker, they weigh significantly more than my cotton slacks.

Also (TMI) I was quite bloated. See, when I go home I usually also hit the washroom. But this was more than that. Something wasn't sitting right. Also, likely related to this, I had processed soup for lunch both Tuesday and Wednesday, which usually means sodium. My MO is to avoid excess sodium after Monday evening.

So, I suspect I DID gain this week, but that a good portion of this gain will be gone by tomorrow morning.

I've also been reflecting a bit after reading Carolyn and Randi's blog and realize that I haven't been celebrating the non-food aspects of this journey. I am going to build some personal challenges surrounding exercise as I know I've been slacking - I didn't have a lot of time available in September, but that's a relatively lame excuse. I'm going to be busy in November, too, but that doesn't mean I can't fit in 2.5 hours/week. I think I'll always struggle with this aspect, so it will be my focus in the coming weeks (again).

Also, thanks to my co-worker Heidi. She brought in 2 more pairs of pants. A pair of black slacks I could do up, but some major muffin toppage and tight buttage happening. I also have a pair of black slacks that fit like this last spring that I'm thinking of sizing the larger ones, but will take some pictures first. So, in line with other Christmas challengers, I have found my Christmas challenge pants that I hope will be suitable for wear by Christmas. The nice thing about this part is that it's not a scale item that we're comparing to, and it's not all food that will get me where I want to be. It's crunches, glute moves, walking, etc.

I really do feel rejuvinated today. It's the start of another week. My food journal is a clean slate and I'm excited to fill it up with great choices and activity points.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Turkey dinner follow-up

First, I am going to re-post this here from Carolyn's page. Americanos - you take this down:

Pumpkin Angel Cake
1 package angel food cake mix, F. F., Betty Crocker -- (1 step) (I used no name brand)
1 (15 oz) can canned pumpkin -- solid packed
1 cup water
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (I just used nutmeg & cinnamon)

1. In a large bowl combine cake mix, canned pumpkin, water and the spice.(DO NOT OVERBEAT, batter will get thin.)
2. Bake it as directed on box, either using an angel food pan, bundt or 9-by-13-inch pan.
Makes 12 servings. 1 serving = 3 points

Pointer #1: I did 6 in muffin tin and the rest in a little casserole. The casserole dish turned out much nicer, moister.
Pointer #2: You don't need anything on this, although whip cream would be nice.

Calorie-wise Cranberries:
I whipped these up the night before:
1C Water and 1C Splenda - bring to a boil
Add 2C Cranberries - bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
These don't 'gel' up like regular cranberry sauce, but they are just as tasty and the juice soaks into the turkey breast quite nicely.

Well, I didn't get at the potatoes before they were mashed, but everything else was 'naked' or had a bit of butter, so I started piling on the veggies. A lot of these were 'heavy' veggies (not free in pts), but still not bad in pts. When I got to the turkey I looked at my plate and wondered where I was going to fit it. So I jammed it in between the squash and turnip and moved on to the table. I also skipped the gravy in lieu of my cranberry sauce.
The 'light' desert - I had a small piece and just tried a small spoonful of the apple pie my sil made. S-i-l was surprised it was a package and a can. Very nice pumpkin dessert and I didn't feel 'jipped' for not indulging in the pie.

Where to go wrong:
Well, wine basically. I had a few glasses of wine. I also had a few bottles of beer on Friday night with hubby. And, in spite of eating well most of the weekend, I also indulged in a few small chocolates on Monday afternoon. After dinner Sunday I felt a bit 'stuffed', but felt fine by bed-time. I don't feel particularly bad about any of this.
I finally bought a 'come-along' for the dog and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of walks with her yesterday. We all walked/biked up to hubby's old school last evening for some playground time before packing for home. So, I feel like this has been a successful weekend. I don't expect a loss this week and will be happy with a maintain or small gain.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to You-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Happy Turkey day, ya'll. I thought twice about posting this picture and laughed both times, so decided to put it up anyway. Hopefully this will discourage you from consuming too much stuffing this weekend, LOL.
Well, it is upon us. Another Holiday weekend (at least for us Canucks). We've posted our plans to get through the weekend, and I'm hoping to read about many successes next week.
I have decided to try Carolyn's Angel food cake, and will make them in the muffin tin (paper liners) - I already bought the stuff, so you know it's gonna happen. I also made the Weight Watchers Butternut Squash soup to take with last night. Gonna get some wine, benedryl and head up late tomorrow afternoon.
I missed dance/yoga last night. It was a planned absence as Mark is writing his realtors exam today and I wanted to let him study (Awwww!). Yes, I gave up some precious 'me' time. He's really nervous, but if he doesn't feel good after writing he will continue to study. We find out on the 15th if he passed, but can write it again next month, so it's not the end of the world. Anyway, he doesn't work this weekend, so it'll be great just having some family time.
Cheers, and travel safe.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Octoberbest Coming to an End

So, Octoberbest is over - or here, however you want to look at it. How did it all pan out? I started this 12-week challenge at 174 and convinced myself that I could be well into the 150's by the time it was over. HA! Guess what? I'm so close to the 150s I can taste them. 160.4 as of last night for a total loss of 13.6 in 12 weeks, or 1.13/week average. This included vacation, a mini-plateau, BBQ's, etc.

First, the results of this week: I am down 1.6 lbs

I have lost 15.65 inches in this same time period, and if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog today, you can see my overall WW ticker from May 23 until today and chart of the same.

Now, a little reflection on Octoberbest.

What was good:

  • Sparks, first and foremost. I got a lot from the site tools and articles as well as message boards. It kept me focused on trying to build exercise into my day or week at a level that was comfortable for me. This is by far the most difficult thing for me. So, I do attempt to exercise semi-regularly and will continue this focus throughout the Christmas Challenge. IT is getting easier all the time. I like the arm flex measurements and use them to reflect on what other muscles may be building in my body as the weeks progress.

  • The people. I have loved meeting people who have participated in the challenge. I really want to thank Kim for opening her personal challenge to so many of us and taking on the responsibility of coordinating this. Also, to Jodi for agreeing to co-captain this. For those of us who looked towards this challenge in any way, shape or form for accountability or personal challenges it was a great benefit.
What was not-so great:
  • The message board used could have been a really great tool to bounce ideas around and get support. It was highly under-used and just seemed to be a weekly reporting spot for the most part. I suppose many of us belonged to other boards, have our blogs, etc., and you only get out of a challenge what you put into it. I guess that's why I set my Sparks ticker to start at 174, and created a new Christmas Challenge ticker. When looking at time-specific challenges, I think it's good to look at the results from the bottle, not just your weight loss journey results.

Well, I know I promised pictures, but my camera is AWOL. We're looking for it and I may break down and buy a new one as the one we have is old and doesn't always co-operate as it's been dropped a time or two:0)

OK, onward and upward - er, downward. Christmas Challenge in a bottle.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In-Between Clothes

Last year in August, I bought 2 suites from The Bay, a black one and a brown one. They were quite pricey (I'm a cheapo at heart), but I wanted something nice as I was in "I need a different job." mode. In fact, I did switch jobs late October and am quite happy now.

Anyway, it's funny I think, because I hate to get rid of these suites. I paid a lot of money for them - they're Nygard and, although I'm not a 'name' person, anyone who's worn Nygard (or Lizwear, etc) knows the quality and feel are totally worth it. It's so nice to have a few articles of clothing that fit like that. I compliment with stuff from used clothing stores, Sears Outlet, and Wal-Mart. Today, I have the black slacks on hiked up with a belt and I actually sent the brown suite to the cleaners without even knowing if it still fits.

Yet, because I am a cheapo, I hate to spend money on new suites when I still want to drop 2 dress sizes by Christmas - well, 14s are starting to get loosy and the 12s I have are still tighty. Grrr. I think what I REALLY need to do is go buy a bunch of nylons and start wearing more skirts/dresses (that'll make hubby happy at least). Once they sit too far below the waist they have to go. Skirts tend to be more 'forgiving' than slacks when they get too big.

On the plus side, I'm back in C nylons after several years as a D. I remember when Mark and I were 'courting' (so corny, but then 'dating' doesn't really seem to fit, either) he used to buy me Bs sometimes when I would send him, and I would chastise him, saying C - you know - C, for Candace. Ahh, happy days!

I did make my way to a used clothing store, but in the end, I'm just not ecstatic with the stuff I got. It really is, "It'll do", at least in the pants department. Tops I'm very happy with. I bought 1 pair of brown casual pants and 1 pair of jeans. The jeans are gonna go now, though. After wearing them a few times I'm just not happy. I am tall and long-waisted and am not carrying a lot of weight around in my lower glutes and thighs (some, just not a huge amount). Whoever had these jeans before me did carry a lot of weight there, even if their waist was the same size as me. The effect, baggy ass pants - need I say more. Tummy looks great, butt - not so.

Still not sure what to do. Guess I'll go get my hair dyed, since I've decided to grow it out again. See, this takes the focus away from the clothing dilema for a while. I always hate to look of longer hair with gray strings. I remember standing beside my then-sil as a teen and thinking, "Why doesn't she colour that. It looks aweful." She had long dark hair with not a lot of gray, but the gray that there was was just so...shiny. Unfortunately, I am the same.

I also saw some great undies in a magazine. They had lycra and a seam up the back-side which is supposed to look great and alleviate the 'uni-bum' when wearing pants. I think they were a gazillion dollars each. I bought cotton Ls at Sears Bargain Basement for 99cents each a few weeks ago. One pair has already torn after a trip through the washer and dryer. A gazillion dollars for 'lift' and 'form'. I'll really have to think about this.

I think my feet have shrunk. Did I really have fat on my feet? Anyway, my shoes just seem roomier lately. Great - something else to spend money on. I'll need $50+ gas funds to go to Mardens in Callais so I can buy shoes for next to nothing. Last time I was there I got 4 pairs of shoes for $12.50 plus tax USD. I figured that to be around $5/pair of shoes. So worth the trip. Issue being - my family members have all moved away from St Stephens now so I'd have to come back right away or spend a night which would increase my costs for shoes exponentially.

About the only think that still seems to 'work' is my bathing suite. I just can't figure that one out.


Canadian Thanksgiving - The Plan

I visited Randi's site and she has listed her 'plan' for the weekend. Vanity before the in-laws, LOL. I love it. Also, Soap box girl had left Randi a comment to wear tight pants - I Like It!

So, I have discovered this week that some of my old jeans (like 6 years ago) are actually preserved in Marks wardrobe (I thought some of those pants looked funny on him). I decided to poke through and have found 31's, 32's and 33's. This is where he tends to fluxuate, and believe me I have done him a favour by taking back the 'ladies' jeans. None of them are fabulous, but they will do rather than baggy Frenchy's jeans (2nd hand) that had been worn by someone with shorter legs than myself and a larger butt and thighs. So, I'm set for a couple of sizes and have tight jeans I can wear on Sunday to dinner, if desired - the 31s are definately muffin-top.

Back to plan. Meal is at sil's. She has 2 cats, a wippet and a husky. I am allergic to both cats and dogs, although I do live with 1 sheddy dog - long hair so it doesn't fly everywhere, but rather floats around in tumbleweeds. What does this mean? Benedryl and doziness. Yup, won't eat while I'm sleeping. Sounds fun, huh?

Other than that, I will attempt to haul out the veggies before they're mashed for myself and bring my own butter. White meat only and no dessert (the dessert won't be homemade anyway, but rather a frozen shell and a can - so not worth it). I will attempt to limit olives. They also have celery with cheese whiz - I don't get this part and will pass. I think we'll bring wine so I'm not exposed to that cream soda - again, I don't get this but they have this all the time. I avoid bringing it in the house because it is just gross.

If I serve up the kids and Mark before sitting down myself I won't be finished before everyone else and won't be asked 500 time if I want more. I came from a family of 5 kids and you ate FAST if you wanted 2nds (I always did) - some habits are hard to break, but I'm working on it.

Other than 'the meal' we'll stay home Saturday and will be at mil's Sun and Mon. At these locations, I will be in charge of the food and tend to force healthy food on Mark and Reita (his Mom). She doesn't normally eat healthy and I think it's good for her just to be handed a plate and her pills while I'm there.

Monday, October 1, 2007


To YEAR-END!!!! YAHHHHH!! The SCARIEST time of year for the Corporate Accountant!

OK, I've spent the weekend watching a new favorite of the LO. Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost. Roast, Where? This movie was borrowed from the daycare and has made its way many times to my house as a loaner to the 9yo - same game, different child.

Images of Witches, Ghosts and Jack-O-Lanterns occupy my thoughts only to be cruly interrupted by thoughts of payables reconciliations, capital asset documentation, and inventory count procedures. Please, let's just talk Black Magic, PLEASE!!! Can't we just do some hoccus-poccus and make everything balance? No, Noo-ho-ho-ho-hooooo! Mommy, somebody, saaave meee.......

Food, Food - Glorious Food


A whole weekend totally on plan! I can hardly believe it myself. I mean, usually I am totally spending my weekly flexies on the weekend and missing water and other GHG's left, right and centre. NOT this time. Woohoo!

I did go over 3 pts Saturday and 5 pts Sunday, which is still less than my 28 pts./day that I am trying to stay under.

How did I do it. LOL, I stayed busy, busy, busy and tried to eat much like a work day. I really focused on my GHG's as well. The week so far, in retrospect:

Thurs: (22 daily pts, 1 weekly pt)
7 pt morning: bran flakes, soy drink, banana, coffee with whole milk, carrots
10 pt afternoon: rice with meatballs, veggies and sauce, almonds
8 pt evening: egg & egg white with veggies, canned chicken, tortilla, lettuce and salsa, soy drink

Fri: (22 daily pts, 2 weekly pts)
8 pt morning: oatmeal, soy drink, unsw. apple sauce, carrots, coffee with whole milk, raisins
5 pt afternoon: eggplant lasagna, kiwi
11 pt evening: rice with meatballs, veggies & sauce, decaf coffee with whole milk, banana with yogurt, small bite of KD, carrots with oil dressing

Sat: (22 daily pts, 3 weekly pts)
6.5 pt morning: Bran flakes, puffed rice, soy drink (mix LF with reg), coffee with whole milk
8.5 pt afternoon: Eggplant lasagna, apple, stuffed, 2-bake potatoe w. cheese
10 pt evening: 6 oz salmon, brocolli, rice with soy, decaf coffee with whole milk, soy drink

Sun: (22 daily pts, 5 weekly pts)
7 pt morning: Fibre first cereal, soy drink, banana, coffee with whole milk
6 pt afternoon: Carl Budding corned beef slices with mayo, tomato & cheese sandwich, small piece of muffin
9 pt evening: salad with 1tbsp ranch dressing, parmesan chicken, potatoe with tofu sour cream, veggies with Paul Newman's Italian dressing (full-fat).
6 pt before bed: The 9yo's left-over burrito (3), The 4yo's left-over muffin with whip cream&soy drink (3)

All totalled not bad. 11/35 weekly pts used. Last night wasn't so much a break-down as it was coming home and realizing I hadn't met 22 pts yet, so opted to eat the left-over burrito. Then the 4yo didn't finish her snack and hubby doesn't want to catch 'our' cold, so I thought I'd treat myself. And yay, I didn't feel guilty doing so. The scale was saying tsk, tsk this morning, but only for eating before bed and he'll get over it by tomorrow. Mr. Scale still suspects the WW scale needs callibrating so if we're way off from the home model again this week I'm going to ask to measure on the other scale - at least then I'll know if mine's off, which is plausible.

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