Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 in review

2009 was a year fraught with a lot of changes. Changes aren't always bad, though. I have been home since March and cannot figure out how SAHMs manage to do everything. I mean, when I was working I just used that as my excuse - now I have none.

We enjoyed my brother living here for almost 3 months. Some people complained that it rained almost every day; however, they have selective memories. It was also sunny and beautiful on most days. And if there was a cool breeze on the back deck we just moved to the front deck.

I did some sanding, painting and a lot of trips to the pool. We didn't get away this year as my husband lost his job mid-summer; although he began another one a couple of weeks later, it was a wrench in the finances. The second, seasonal, position ended mid-November, but he began another job after a couple of weeks which, unfortunately turned into part-time after 2 weeks. They laid him off due to shortage of work last week. Arghhh!

Anyway, I am still leading and recepting Weight Watcher meetings and enjoying that. I suffer periodically from insomnia - I believe both that and the lichen planus that persists in my mouth are stress-related. I've thought that going back to work would be a good distraction from the issues of dirty dishes and disastrous rooms. It's amazing how quickly they can make a clean, tidy room look like I haven't touched it in weeks.

Christmas was very nice. Very nice indeed. We celebrated at home - no dragging gifts around the province or fogetting their favourite toy. My mother-in-law was up for 2 nights and my brother came up for Christmas and again for New Years. My oldest brother was at his in-laws, up from Houston, and came for a visit on New Years Eve with his wife. I haven't seen them in over 4 years since my grandmother's funeral.

We're just taking the tree down today now that the kids are back in school. Unfortunately I think my husband snuck away for a nap. Gotta go. Lots to do and so little time to do it.

Cheers, Candace

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