Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you believe?

In prayer of any kind?

Say some for Jamaica, Louisianna and all others in the way of Gustav today. It is currently reduced to a tropical storm and I'll be praying that it stays one or slows down as it moves towards my friends south of the Canadian Border.

Last year was a sad remembrance for Colette of Katrina after she'd spent 2 years re-building after her home was flooded. This year will definately be more anxiety with Gustav moving closer. Pray as well for her and her beautiful children as they deal with whatever comes through New Orleans.

Have a blessed, safe weekend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Tuesday

After eating whatever struck my fancy for what feels like 3 weeks, I stood on the scales on Monday night. OK, I'm ready to fess up. I did have my shoes on and hadn't done my usual potty trip, but it read 151.4lbs. WOW! Well, it had said the same thing the week before. Keep in mind, these are unofficial weighs taken directly after the weekend without concern for accuracy. Call it a weigher-inner perk. After I got home at ate supper on Monday my own scale was in the high 150's.

So, yesterday I have calculated eating around 20 pts of pretty good choices. Mostly f&v, but also coffee with whole milk, some WW multi-grain bread. I ate at Tim Horton's for supper and chose a bowl of chili and only ate half the bun. All told, the scale move down for this morning to around the 146/147 mark. I tend to find my home scale first morning weigh relatively representative of my before supper evening weigh at WW. I think a week of eating clean foods will help. I'll be moving to more of a 20% protein intake and working on around 60% carbs, mostly complex. I need to move away from sugary, fatty foods entirely for a while.

Forgot the school supply list yesterday, so Ci and I went shopping. She bought some beading supplies and then we went to the mall. She found a great sweater at The Childrens Place and I also picked up some lunch bags there as well as a 3-ring binder (for myself). We also bought some gym slippers for dance for the girls and window-shopped elsewhere. I resisted Cinnabons coming in and out of the mall - I think I'm going to have to boycott that entrance.

Have a great week.

Friday, August 22, 2008

August Pictorial Review:)

After a few days of playing and shopping in Amherst, my old hometown, we headed for PEI. After getting over Confederation Bridge (I've never seen it before) we discovered lots to do right there. One of the highlights was paying $2 each to dress-up as Anne with an 'e' as she was depicted upon arriving in Avonlea to be greeted by Matthew. You knew I had to do it:)

When we got to the cabins, we discovered a pool, playground, and boats. Plus the fire pits. I'm thinking of booking for a whole week here next year:)

J with Chestnut and Ci with Tina. This was right next door to the cabins. We actually canoed right under the bridge in the background and could see the paddocks from our cabin.

This is just a pretty picture I took while driving from MillsBrook to Cavendish. This area was full of beauty and the pictures just don't do it justice.

We visited Santa's Wood, where J took full advantage of the ride-on vehicles she doesn't have at home, while Ci discovered the bunnies and rock-climbing wall. This was a great place, with lots of stuff to do. We even met Santa - I think he's joined WW too.

The only museum we visited was Green Gables. There were lots of photo opportunities, since this isn't technically a historical site, but rather the location were LM Montgomeries relatives lived - and the location that the book was based on.

We walked the Haunted Wood trail at Green Gables. And the girls took a little break along the way.

My girls kicking back at Heather Beach. I used to walk from the cottage to this beach along the shore when the tide was out while I was growing up. The little one wouldn't go in the water past her knees and the older one kept wanting company out further so she could swim.

And of course she rolled in the sand...

Cottage poses of the vacationing girls and another with the hub.

Mom and I in the front yard at the cottage. She's sporting the bead necklace Ci made for her. Hubby and I in the sunroom while getting ready to leave on Sunday.

My baby graduated from preschool this week. A wonderful ceremony, which included 'The Alphabet Song' and many others, was held behind the Daycare.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Hi

Well, I've left the blog in darkness for a few weeks now. Sorry for the ansence, but I've been having fun.

Update on the dirt: not sure if someone kicked up a stink or offered to pay, but our supply ran out. We would have like a few more loads, but as I said before - I'm anxious to just finish the back yard, so this will have to do.

We've been on vacation. It was great. Unfortunately, Mark could not come with us as he had to work, but I got to spend lots of time with my Mom and the girls. We headed up to Mom's place on the first Monday and kicked back there. I hit an awesome sale at Marks Work Wearhouse and bought a couple of tops, 2 work capris, 1 jean capri and a pair of kahki's (sp?). Then I picked up my first ever Croc's on sale for half of what I normally see them for. We also spent time at the YMCA pool for twoonie swim a couple of times and at a local playground:)

Then it was off to Prince Edward Island. Woohoo!! I haven't been there in years. Unfortunately, Woodly Replicas, one of my favourite places, shut down this year. We stayed in a cabin on the North end of the island. I took my eldest for a trail ride and returned the next morning to left the little one enjoy a pony ride. They had cedar boats at the site and I took the girls out for a trip around the little lake, plus, for the first time ever, I started a fire. The other cabins were chopping up the wood into timber to get 'r going, but I guess I learned a thing or two from my Dad growing up.

We visited Green Gables and walked the Haunted Woods and visited the site where the old school used to be. We also went to Santa's Wood, a perfect entertainment grounds for the girls. Cavendish was so beautiful - I wish I could post a picture of the dunes, but my battery died just then. No plays, not too many touristy things, but lots of fun.

I tried to take the girls to Magnetic Hill and Magic Mtn, a water park, after returning to the mainland, but mother nature would not comply. We went shopping for school clothes instead. Then it cleared enough that I took them on Magnetic Hill (the 10 year old has dubbed this Optical Illusion Hill, lol).

Finally, the renters were gone from the cottage and we settled in. We were over at Heather's Beach every day. I love it there and it's life-guarded, plus the beach at the cottage is rocky and mucky - although beautiful to look at. I did so many Sudoku's I was dreaming in 9's. I totally relaxed. We thouroughly enjoyed Mom - she came to PEI with us and spent the week at the cottage, heading home on Friday as Mark was on his way up. I didn't get home until 8pm Sunday night, although I had planned to be home earlier to prepare for the work-week. Oh well. Then last night I worked at WW meeting as the weigher-inner. It'll be good to actually clear out the fridge and re-stock tonight.

Oh, I did hop on the scale for an unofficial weigh last night. I even left my shoes on because I knew it wasn't good. Well, I didn't reach the 2lbs over my goal, and that's all I'll say about that, except that I totally ate what I wanted and how much I wanted for 2 weeks. Funny, Mom thought what I ate was quite healthy, so I guess I've still come a long way. Water should shed a few lbs by Wednesday's official weigh-in.

Take care and have a great week.

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