Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fantastic February Fun

Oh yeah - February is proving to be much better than January. The family is less sickly. I am less tired. AND it was actually not dark when I left work the other day. WOOHOO!!!

Last night we headed out for Valentines craft supplies. Guess I should've picked some up in the city. Usually the drug store, dollar store and grocery store are brimming with crap for every holiday. Not so this time around. And it appeared that all locations ordered from the same supplier. So, the 10 year old walked away with some stickers and rose pettals. She used some white tissue paper from Christmas - we couldn't even find red wrapping paper (sheesh).

This is all for her valentines box. In grade 5 they're not planning anything - which I think rather silly. Keep 'em kids as long as you can is my motto. Anyhoo, the teacher said they could make boxes on their own time IF they wanted and hand out valentines IF they wanted. Um, OK. So, my daughter (yay her) is busy on her box and is still handing out valentines to all her classmates. She said she wouldn't likely get very many this year since a lot of the kids decided not to participate (boo them).

Meanwhile, the 5 year old was getting arm cramps from signing her name on all of the invitations. Thank goodness they'll be making bags or something in the classroom.

Tonight is to be spent working on a grade 5 project due Friday. I'm the typist as she needs to expand on some categories. Fun, fun.

Hubby is on evenings, so I have officially 'lost' my me-time during the weeks. No biggie, but gone are my dance classes. Apparently I wasn't the only one not showing up and they cancelled it until next fall. I did apologize earlier this week as it was the first time I saw the instructor. I do have a sitter for my weekly WW meetings, but attending another leaders meeting is a no-go for now.

My mother sold the cottage. Closing date is in 2 weeks. The kids and I are hoping to rent it for a week this summer for our vacation. I asked Mom to chat with the couple and see if they were interested and to give us dates. I'll plan my time off around that - one last kick at the can, so to speak.

Happy pink day!

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