Monday, July 20, 2009

Just checking in. Life is still unpredictable. The steroid treatment is offering relief on the skin, but as I scaled back on the dosage my mouth also began to get worse. It's not really painful yet, but I think the doctor is going to have to keep me on a larger dosage for a while.

The painting looks fabulous. The living room, computer room and kids rooms are all done. I'm in the middle of removing wallpaper from my bedroom as we'll be doing that one after the halls and kitchen. It's nice this week and my brother figures it's a good time to get at the front deck, so the inside will wait.

Meanwhile, I am maintaining. Using the quick-track method with the clicker for the most part.

Cheers, Candace

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Amanda said...

WOO HOO on maintaining! That's awesome.

Glad to hear the painting looks so good!!! You'll be glad to get that all done. :)

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