Friday, April 25, 2008


Yeah, well, this week I managed to work Monday, around 3 hours on Wednesday, and am trying again today (Friday). Yikes!

The 4 yo spiked a fever and I stayed home with her on Tuesday. Sent her to daycare on Wednesday only to get a call that she was reading 39.5 (whatever that means). Basically, pick her up. Got her in to see the good doctor that afternoon and he swabbed for strep, which came back negative. By the time the results came back yesterday she was already on the mend.

Wednesday evening I missed WW and getting my awards (for the second week in a row, since I only weighed in last week and had to book). The 9yo had a Fun night event at school. It's a once a year thing with games and activities set up in the gym and several class rooms. I ended up taking her since J had to stay home.

Very proud of my big girl. They also had a book swap this week at school and she took 2 in to trade. She came home with 2 basically new Scooby-Doo books for the LO - nothing for herself. Apparently she had a book for herself that another girl really wanted, so she told the girl to help her find another Scooby book and she'd trade. This made everyone involved quite happy, since my daughter was so tickled at doing a good deed for her friend and sister. She's growing up so fast.

Got in my 2 STs this week, but not my cardio sessions. Still lots of time over the weekend. I can imagine it'll not be spent relaxing at home since I'm so far behind at work now.

Cheers, Candace

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