Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progress pictures

Hoo boy, I can't believe I am DOING this, but I'm going to post the side profile before and after pictures from the 12-week Blast the Fat Challenge at PnP.

My daughter took the afters and I didn't have the heart to ask her to try to get the same distance and profile as the befores. I also couldn't find my shorts. I daresay the belly is shrinking though. I'm going to really focus on this in the next few months before NS beach weather.
The nice thing about this is, even with any flaws, the current after is going to be a before in a few short weeks. Onward and downward (the waist that is).
Oh, and I lost at WI last night. A nice 3 lb buffer between me and that WW 'goal'. Next week will be my last paying week - woohoo.
Cheers, and have a great day.


Amanda said...

The belly is definitely shrinking! WOO HOO for you! That's awesome!

marie said...

HOLY MOSES! look at your progress!! I'm so jealous!

Congrats :)

Dawn said...

Candace!!! I can TOTALLY SEE A DIFFERENCE! GREAT JOB!! You are right, this "after" will be a "before" in a few more weeks. GREAT ATTITUDE!! Keep up the hard work.

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Candace! I can see the difference too! All that BFF work you did is paying off!

jodi said...

you can see the progress regardless of the different angle/outfit... esp. in your stomach and rear! way to go! :o)

->cara said...

Congratulations. You look great!

How does the whole "goal" thing work at WW. Once you get there, do you have to say within a few pounds (up or down) of your goal in order to get free dues?

Mandy said...

You're looking good!

Whoo Hoo for that shrinking belly!

*trying REALLY hard not to be jealous!* :oP

Candace said...

I emailed my mother the blog in a Word file, because she was having trouble getting to it. I wanted to post her comments here - more for myself, since they were sent via email.

Hi Can: Found & comments of congrats! WOW, the pics tell the whole story. You are my inspiration -now to dig way down & get some of yr. motivation. I Lost 3.6 lbs. my 1st. week and am counting every bit to date. I weigh in and attend mtng. ea. Tues. @ noon at new Parish Hall (Anglican). I'm feeling more & more like my old self and cold is getting much better. I'm going to exercise & walk - not as much or as hard as you, but I will at my pace. Am so very proud of you. Wish me luck! Luv, Yr. Mom

Tina said...

You're so SKINNY!! What progress you've made!!

swizzlepop said...

Great job! You can totally see a big difference! And your loss is great too. You are totally kicking some serious butt with the PNP. Keep it up! :)

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