Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phattie and Phittie

Say Hi to my Phat buddie. I call him Phat Pig. He and I are going to pack this little cooler every day with lots of healthy choices and stick to a menu plan we will draft each Sunday. Little Phattie isn't up to much exercise lately - he's a bit soft. Hopefully he'll be able to start a routine in a few months after incorporating some Phat eating philosophies.

I have a Phit buddie too. She is a faster runner, but I can lift heavier. Please excuse the bra straps. This was taken after a workout at home.


marie said...

Look at how tiny you are!!

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Hey Candace...It is Jess from PNP! You look great girl! I love your cooler and the Phat cute!

Steph said...

Girl - you are getting RIPPED!! Look at the definition in those biceps - WOW!! You should be so proud and I'm sure Phittie is too!!

swizzlepop said...

I love the phattie, very cute. And the TWO phitties look great!

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