Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meal in a Cup

So, hubby wanted a meal in a drinkable form. And this morning I wanted coffee.

Did some looking around yesterday and found some interesting ideas for the blender. This morning I had me a rum-flavoured latte.

1C coffee that had been sitting in the coffee pot for over 2 hours (usually yuk and I'll wait, but work with me here)
.75C LF soy drink (my 'dairy' of choice)
1/2 banana
rum extract
scoop vanilla protein powder

Whirrrrrrr, Enjoy. It was luke-warm. I could have heated up coffee and soy drink first, but was running late. Time was of the essence.

Now, I read that you could also add oatmeal to your shake. What? I've added Wheat Germ, but oatmeal sounds a little....meally. What do you think? I gave it a go this morning for the girls.

1.5C soy drink
1/2 banana
some frozen strawberries and blueberries (purple was requested)
around 1/3C oatmeal, uncooked
1/2 scoop banana nut pro powder (I thought twice about this, but it's minimal for each of them)

Whirrrrrrr, more honey was requested, Whirrrrrr. Every. last. drop. gone.
So, for breaky, each of my girls is equipped with fruit, dairy, carbs, protein and energy (ahhh, honey). Not bad and I hit all 4 food groups.

I also read about adding some almond in at the end and only giving a quick whirr, depending on the texture. I'm leary about adding egg or egg whites, especially for the girls. Hard to believe egg nog with raw egg was a normal thing growing up.

If you try something different in your shake, let me know. I'm really hopeful to find a few good recipes that will keep for hubby during the mornings. He takes 'lunch' around 9am, so it's not super hot or anything, but a shake would have to be prepared around 4:30.

Have a great Wednesday.

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Randi said...

I've done the oatmeal thing before. Usually when I need to thicken it up. If you blend it enough you hardly notice.

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