Friday, April 4, 2008

Six words

Everyone is doing it. Summing up their life/journey in six words. Check around - I've found this on several blogs yesterday and today and thought I'd give it a whirl. There's a book about six word memoirs out there. Some of the excerpts are neat, others quite sad. Amazing what can be said in 6 words.

To be accepted. Family to love.
- Candace
I think most of my life I have converted to what others think I am, rather than being true to myself. My parents saw what they wanted and, even today, Mom tells me what I AM. Fact is, maybe she does know me better than I know myself; however, maybe she doesn't. Maybe who I am is a constant moving target. In my 20's I was in a relationship where I LOST myself. When he finally left the relationship one of my first thoughts was "No wonder he doesn't like me anymore. I don't even like myself." I spent several months re-finding myself and am very fortunate to have met my husband along that journey. He was extremely supportive of giving me the freedom to be me. I strive to give him that same gift. I think my mother is accepting more of me for who I am as time goes on. I remember hearing about a story being relayed to her about me around 8-10 years ago and her response was, "Candace is strange anyway." Obviously, whatever the story was, was something she looked down upon.
But today I have my family. We aren't perfect, but we try to accept each other as we are. To encourage each others strengths and support each others gifts. My 9yo has a great gift of independence, which can be extremely trying at times. However, on the bright side, if nurtured properly she will not be a push-over as she gets older. She has the potential to be a great leader - something I am not gifted with. My 4yo has such a soft heart and is hurt more easily than any of us. Where others would want us to 'toughen her up' I say there is a place for this. Yes, her heart will be broken more easily in the future, but opening up yourself to others and nurturing them can also bring with it great rewards. So, for me, I know my family loves me in SPITE of my many faults. And I love them because of everything they are.
Oh, and a special thanks to Douglas who broke my heart and gave me the beautiful opportunity to be someone that I could love. I'll never forget you.

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Dawn said...

I love this, yours is so good. Thanks for sharing that.

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