Wednesday, April 30, 2008

28 inches

Goal #3: A 28 inch waist.

July 11th - 7 weeks after I started Weight Watchers and just as I was able to button up my size 14 capris, I measured 37.25 inches at the waist. March 31st measurement was 30.5 inches.

You measure your waist at the smallest point around. See, I always thought my waist was the point above your hips where there is a natural soft spot. The spot my hands rest in and, when you're looking head on is where the curve to the hip begins. Usually this is also the smallest spot, too. It was before I gained weight anyway.

Today my smallest point is actually around 3 fingers above that ideal waist spot. Because it's there I now have ribs to deal with in my measurements.

What does all of this mean. Well, it means I have some work to do. And some action plans to ensure my goal becomes a reality.

Action plan #1: Ab routine 3 x/week involving a variety of moves. Think Superman, Roman twists, crunches, bicycle crunches, planks. The routines tend to be set up as circuits or supersets, depending. Corinne has a bunch of them and even has a few free ones posted.

Action plan #2: ST 2-3x/week. Why? The core area is involved when you work on other areas as well. It is difficult to spot train (abs only) and it is the entire core that needs to be affected. By focusing on upper body strength, the core will be engaged. For example, Bent-over rowes work the arm, but one of the first things I noticed was that it affected my lower back. As my back (core) got stronger I couldn't feel it there any longer. Now that I've increased my weights on this to 15 lbs/arm (I do both sides at the same time) I am feeling a bit of pressure in my lwr back again and have to ensure proper form.

Action plan #3: Continue to plan meals and eat healthfully and at a caloric deficit. I tend to consume 24-26 points per day. This includes daily points, weekly points and activity points. If I go over a wee bit it still usually leaves me in a deficit for weight loss.

So, I don't know how long it will take me to lose another 2.5 inches, but I suspect I can drop at least 1 of those as my tummy in front slims out and my 'waist' becomes my 'measured waist'. I seem to recall having a 28" waist at some point in the past. I don't want to focus on the scale so much for this and will say that, if I find this to be unrealistic I will not focus entirely on the tape measure either. What I mean is, my goal is 28", but if 29" makes me happy then that's that. If there's too much droopy skin in the way for the last .25-.5 inches, so be it. The idea is healthy, so that is paramount.

Tomorrow is measurement day. I'll be reporting on the scale for the past 2 weeks, my WW meeting, and inches lost/gained over the past month and reflecting on the results. Have a great Wednesday.


Deborah said...

Keep up the good work. Thanks for visiting my blog. You were close to me when you were at Snow Shoe. I live 25 miles from there, so you can picture it well.

jodi said...

i measure higher-up too, just doesn't seem natural right above the hips... i need to start taking my measurements again - it's fun to see how your body has changed over the years... thanks for the reminder! :o)

Kim said...

WOW!! These are some awesome goals and action plans you have laid out for yourself. I am so impressed!!! :)

whats the skinny said...

seriously? YOU ROCK. i'm now inspired by you!!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Dude, you are so motivated! Keep on keeping on!

Steph said...

Girl - you amaze me. You are not only soooo intune with your body and health but you manage to pass that on to your family!! I hope that I'm as good at teaching my family healthy eating as you are!!!

(((Hugs))) from Barbie & baby!!

BTW - after this baby gets here, I'm gonna need you to kick my butt in the abs tummy has never been super flat but WOW now. LOL

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