Monday, May 18, 2009

Quiet Blog World

Blog World seems relatively quiet judging by the blogs I follow. I guess I'm not the only one in a blogger slump. Hopefully this doesn't equate to a weight loss slump.

In fact, I'm not doing so badly. I've been having some rough times, buts that's mainly due to the case of Coco Mint 1 pt bars Weight Watchers sent me. I transfered 12 boxes out to locations already, ate 4 boxes (2 of which need to be paid for yet - reminder to self) and a few left to remove from my home premises. Why did WW send me a case of bars you ask? Well, they send all At-Work leaders product and I guess I was still doing an At-Work session at the time. Not anymore though and they are really just...yum...very good. I guess a kudos would be that I ONLY opened 4 boxes and I (sort of) shared with my 10 year old.

Other than that, I'm maintaining for the most part. Hoping to lose around 4 more lbs in the next couple of months. I'll let you know how that goes...


Amanda said...

I've noticed the same thing. I don't blog b/c I rarely get a comment so why bother? I know that's a bad attitude but I haven't had the time to put pen to paper...err, I mean fingers to keyboard. :) Lots in my head but lack of time to get it all out there. Glad to hear you are doing so great. Maybe I'll get in a blog this weekend! I'm down 10#!!

jh said...

It is quiet around here. Maybe it is the business that spring and early summer bring--everyone outside instead of writing. But I love reading your blog, you have such great awareness and I learn a lot. Thanks.

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Candace P. said...

Hi Candace! I just stumbled across your blog as I am just starting a blog about my weight loss journey. Congrates for your loss and have fun on the way to that size 6! I hope to be there one day too!

Candace P.

Rory Star said...

Maintaining is good. I'll have to try those bars.

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