Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Enough Lallygagging

OK - not sure what is wrong with my. I don't expect a loss tonight. Last night I made an incredibly healthy dinner - well, I did use white basmati instead of the brown though. Anyway, a great stirfry with lean meat and lots of veggies made with a WW inspired sauce. I loved it and decided to...gulp...have a second helping. No biggie, right? Wrong. It wasn't in my plan. I didn't need it. AND I ate until stuffed. I did finally stop myself with half a plate left and put it in the fridge for today. I just finished it for morning snack.

If that wasn't enough, my daughter made an apple dessert from a 1970's cookbook and I had a (large) piece. It wasn't even that good and I told her afterwards that all recipes in that book need to have the sugar cut (at least) in half.

BUT, I am going to weigh-in tonight and am walking this afternoon. But before that, I have to finish some food prep and do a workout. Take care.

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