Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 off to a Rocky Start, but Getting Better

Well, it's been a rough go with collectors everytime I turn around. We're keeping our heads above water for now, but fortunately things are starting to look up. Hubby's EI claim was shut down as his last employer did not submit an ROE - we thought they would have since the pay was via ADP. Anyway, we have to go into town tomorrow and ensure it gets opened back up - grrr.

I start back to work in 2 weeks. I'm a little nervous about the timing of my cheques and ensuring all the bills are paid - thankfully, we have family that can help out with a loan while we catch up.

Right now, my daughter is working on a big project for school, so I'll be helping her with that. I mainly do the typing for her and make suggestions on how to organize her work. I think, as a young person, if she can get a handle on organizing her thoughts and material before trying to complete the finished project she'll be laughing when the really hard stuff gets here. I was telling her about the 30-40 page case studies that I did at university - shocking as she's still struggling with a 3-4 page write-up.

The rest of today, Sunday, will be spent going for a walk with the family. Baked beans and hot dogs for supper - not the healthiest supper, but I've been craving it for weeks and so put some beans on to soak last night. Also, must prepare flip charts and read up on meeting information for WW meetings this week.

Dinners for the week:

Sunday: baked beans and hot dogs

Monday: slow cooker beef chili (from WW Now & Later cookbook)

Tuesday: Roast chicken with carrots, potatoes, squash and cranberry sauce

Wednesday: Tex Mex taco salad (using left over chili)

Thursday: salmon, rice and green veggies

Friday: lamb chops, potatoes, parsnips and carrots

Saturday: chicken, roasted potatoes and turnip

Lunches - left-overs, tuna sandwiches, or stir-frys using veggies, left-over meat and/or vermicilli.

Breakfasts - mainly oatmeal with berries and milk. Other options are smoothies, eggs with veggies and cheese, or whole grain cereal with milk, depending on the mood.

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