Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Kick Start

OK, I realized that to prepare to go back to work I am going to have to start living like I already am working a full-time job. I'm very tired today as I stayed up last night, so I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours. I know this sounds counter-productive, but I think this is the first step. I'm going to set my alarm for 6am starting tomorrow morning. We've been getting up closer to 7am, so I will get my shower and dressed for the day prior to waking the kids. I'm also going to start preparing their lunches in the evening as that's what will need to happen soon anyway.

Finally, I am going to plan out my "work" for the day starting tomorrow. We actually have a full day tomorrow. OK, not really, but I do have to go into town for an at-work meeting and there is paperwork to be dropped off before the meeting. So, to start I will clean the kitchen until it is time to get ready and go. We get home a little before the youngest gets home from school, so I will be planning snack, craft then walk. Once my oldest gets home we will be working on her project for a couple of hours and supper needs to get made during that time as well. I think if I build my days as such I won't find it so hard to put in full-time days when the time comes. I hope.

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miawinskie said...

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