Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canadian Thanksgiving - The Plan

I visited Randi's site http://thenextthingtotry.blogspot.com/ and she has listed her 'plan' for the weekend. Vanity before the in-laws, LOL. I love it. Also, Soap box girl http://grrrlpower.blogspot.com/ had left Randi a comment to wear tight pants - I Like It!

So, I have discovered this week that some of my old jeans (like 6 years ago) are actually preserved in Marks wardrobe (I thought some of those pants looked funny on him). I decided to poke through and have found 31's, 32's and 33's. This is where he tends to fluxuate, and believe me I have done him a favour by taking back the 'ladies' jeans. None of them are fabulous, but they will do rather than baggy Frenchy's jeans (2nd hand) that had been worn by someone with shorter legs than myself and a larger butt and thighs. So, I'm set for a couple of sizes and have tight jeans I can wear on Sunday to dinner, if desired - the 31s are definately muffin-top.

Back to plan. Meal is at sil's. She has 2 cats, a wippet and a husky. I am allergic to both cats and dogs, although I do live with 1 sheddy dog - long hair so it doesn't fly everywhere, but rather floats around in tumbleweeds. What does this mean? Benedryl and doziness. Yup, won't eat while I'm sleeping. Sounds fun, huh?

Other than that, I will attempt to haul out the veggies before they're mashed for myself and bring my own butter. White meat only and no dessert (the dessert won't be homemade anyway, but rather a frozen shell and a can - so not worth it). I will attempt to limit olives. They also have celery with cheese whiz - I don't get this part and will pass. I think we'll bring wine so I'm not exposed to that cream soda - again, I don't get this but they have this all the time. I avoid bringing it in the house because it is just gross.

If I serve up the kids and Mark before sitting down myself I won't be finished before everyone else and won't be asked 500 time if I want more. I came from a family of 5 kids and you ate FAST if you wanted 2nds (I always did) - some habits are hard to break, but I'm working on it.

Other than 'the meal' we'll stay home Saturday and will be at mil's Sun and Mon. At these locations, I will be in charge of the food and tend to force healthy food on Mark and Reita (his Mom). She doesn't normally eat healthy and I think it's good for her just to be handed a plate and her pills while I'm there.

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dizzydazey said...

I didn't realize that ya'll had a different Thanksgiving than we do.

Do you have pilgrims & indians, too?

Sounds like you have a great plan and I'm sure you're going to do great & have fun too! :o)

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