Monday, October 1, 2007

Food, Food - Glorious Food


A whole weekend totally on plan! I can hardly believe it myself. I mean, usually I am totally spending my weekly flexies on the weekend and missing water and other GHG's left, right and centre. NOT this time. Woohoo!

I did go over 3 pts Saturday and 5 pts Sunday, which is still less than my 28 pts./day that I am trying to stay under.

How did I do it. LOL, I stayed busy, busy, busy and tried to eat much like a work day. I really focused on my GHG's as well. The week so far, in retrospect:

Thurs: (22 daily pts, 1 weekly pt)
7 pt morning: bran flakes, soy drink, banana, coffee with whole milk, carrots
10 pt afternoon: rice with meatballs, veggies and sauce, almonds
8 pt evening: egg & egg white with veggies, canned chicken, tortilla, lettuce and salsa, soy drink

Fri: (22 daily pts, 2 weekly pts)
8 pt morning: oatmeal, soy drink, unsw. apple sauce, carrots, coffee with whole milk, raisins
5 pt afternoon: eggplant lasagna, kiwi
11 pt evening: rice with meatballs, veggies & sauce, decaf coffee with whole milk, banana with yogurt, small bite of KD, carrots with oil dressing

Sat: (22 daily pts, 3 weekly pts)
6.5 pt morning: Bran flakes, puffed rice, soy drink (mix LF with reg), coffee with whole milk
8.5 pt afternoon: Eggplant lasagna, apple, stuffed, 2-bake potatoe w. cheese
10 pt evening: 6 oz salmon, brocolli, rice with soy, decaf coffee with whole milk, soy drink

Sun: (22 daily pts, 5 weekly pts)
7 pt morning: Fibre first cereal, soy drink, banana, coffee with whole milk
6 pt afternoon: Carl Budding corned beef slices with mayo, tomato & cheese sandwich, small piece of muffin
9 pt evening: salad with 1tbsp ranch dressing, parmesan chicken, potatoe with tofu sour cream, veggies with Paul Newman's Italian dressing (full-fat).
6 pt before bed: The 9yo's left-over burrito (3), The 4yo's left-over muffin with whip cream&soy drink (3)

All totalled not bad. 11/35 weekly pts used. Last night wasn't so much a break-down as it was coming home and realizing I hadn't met 22 pts yet, so opted to eat the left-over burrito. Then the 4yo didn't finish her snack and hubby doesn't want to catch 'our' cold, so I thought I'd treat myself. And yay, I didn't feel guilty doing so. The scale was saying tsk, tsk this morning, but only for eating before bed and he'll get over it by tomorrow. Mr. Scale still suspects the WW scale needs callibrating so if we're way off from the home model again this week I'm going to ask to measure on the other scale - at least then I'll know if mine's off, which is plausible.


dizzydazey said...

Big Kudos for a whole week OP!

That's awesome!!

You're doing so great - keep up that good work, girl!! :o)

Swizzlepop said...

Congrats, that is great! Keep up the great work, it will pay off! :)

Steph said...

You rock girl!!! Congratulations......keep it up! BTW - have you tried the unsweetened Almond Breeze.....mmmmm it is soooo good and creamy and only 45 calories a cup. You should try it - they have vanilla and can add a packet of Splenda too it and it tastes just like creamy thick choco milk!!

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on staying OP all weekend. I always use all my flex points. I figure if I can use all 35 points on the weekend and still lose weight then why not??
I did an experiment once where I used 0 flex points and I ended up maintaining, the next week I used at 35 and I ended up losing 0.5 lb. I guess everyone is different and our bodies work in mysterious ways.
I'm sure you'll see a nice reward on the scale!!

I hope my comment wasn't discouraging, it wasn't meant to be! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

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