Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Got a Secret

No Where to Run asked what some of my secrets to weight loss were. Heck, like most of us who have had some success with this - I just don't know. I also feel silly posting any advice I may have when faced with the amazing women in my blog community - Steph the big loser, Swizz the scientist, Randi the iron-woman, and everyone else who I turn to daily for motivation. Regardless, I've decided tonight to play 'Randi' and pretend I'm a know-it-all, LOL. Anyone reading this ought to keep in mind that my loss is quite slow, averaging just over 1lb/week since I started this in May.

The beginning: It was recognizing a disgust I had with my body. Staring at my stomach and thinking "I hate this." I go back to this image whenever I feel myself becoming too complacent. Several things lead me to the end of the beginning.

What is the end of the beginning? For me it was walking into a Weight Watchers meeting, but any program will do, even your own. I didn't know about food - I was a thin kid who ate like a man - correction, a working man. Until I was 29 this worked quite nicely for me, but then it stopped - my metabolism suddenly slowed down. WW taught me things about food that I had no idea about. And for the first time in my life I became aware of what I was eating.

In the months since this journey began I have 'trained' my family to be supportive. At first my children were especially upset because they like the built-in pillow. Supportive doesn't mean that they will eat everything I eat - yet - but it does mean that they're more sensitive, they don't try to de-rail my efforts ('Let's eat out tonight - you've been working so hard' is NOT supportive). For everyone this support is different. For me, it is having my 4yo be the first to ask me how my meeting was, my 9yo to smile at my successes and give me a hug, and my husband to try to make point-friendly meals and ask when I can work in a meal out.

Then I discovered blogland. I found Roni who lead me to: Colette who makes me laugh and Steph who makes me laugh and cry at the same time and Becky who is a sweety through and through and Swizz with her crazy graphs and crazier heels. I started my blog - and this community gives me support and information that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I have expanded my blog weight-loss support group, revising my daily reads as I 'meet' new people and discover that others have stopped posting (runnergirl, melody, gone).

Through a blog-friend I discovered Sparks and found a lot of exercise tips there. At around the same time I 'met' Randi who expanded my horizons regarding strenght-training. I still struggle with the exercise thing, but trying and trying again - that's the biggest thing there.

Weight-loss, they say is made up of calories in and calories out, but it is so much more. It is food, it is exercise, and sometimes it's weighing-in after a pee, lol. But it's also your support system. Only you can decide who you will turn to for support. You need support in real life and, for me, in cyber-space.

The only other thing I can say is definately required is attitude. Each person can look at an event and take different steps: you weigh-in today and gain 3.2lbs (uh, yeah, let's not do that again). Do you: a) get depressed, say you blew it, and eat like crazy for a couple of days, b) re-focus, evaluate and move forward, while staying on-plan. This attitude, this perception, is going to be your success.

Other tips:

  • Take measurements so you have another tool to measure success other than the demon scale. These should be taken every 1-2 months, or when you hit a plateau
  • Attempt activity - do what you are comfortable with. Every little bit helps
  • Journal your food (it's amazing what we 'forget' we ate)
  • Pack lunches often - make your own frozen dinners
  • Eat whole foods whenever possible, including whole grains such as brown rice and fresh fruit vs. dried. They are more filling
  • Drink lots of water
  • Share successes so others can celebrate with you
  • Share challenges so others can offer their support to you
  • Stock up on frozen fruits & veggies, and keep fresh stock at reasonable quantities to avoid feeding the composter
  • Some protein, such as cheese and crackers or almonds while you're waiting for dinner will keep you full longer and you only need a bit
  • I also try to get a dairy and a fruit in every morning at breakfast to get these servings under my belt, so to speak. It gives a great start to the day
  • Remember, this is not a diet. It is your life and there's no rush. Take time to develope good habits and love yourself.

PS - I lost 1lb this week and decided to stick withthe cords as my weigh-in clothes. I also bought the 9-week holiday super-saver plan, so I'm good until Christmas.


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Can I just say Ditto? Okay then, Ditto!

Colette said...

You should be writting for a magazine or something. That was some of the best advice I have heard in a LONG time. It was honest, easy to understand and honestly made me tear up.
Thank you for that...I NEEDED IT!
I am printing that up today and it is going on my wall in my bathroom so I can see it everyday!
You GO GIRL!! And thanks for the inspiration!!

Randi said...

How awesome are you!? (ok you know I love anytime I am referenced in any blog so I'm biased) But that was a great post. You are officially welcomed to the know it all club, I'll teach you the handshake later.

And don't discredit your slow and steady loss. 1 lb a week for a few months is INCREDIBLE! You're totally an expert!

jodi said...

thank-you for sharing your story, you are definitely a daily-read of mine as well... and congrats on your loss (cords and all, how 'bout that!)... i feel, personally, that if it wasn't for blogging and for meeting all these great people - my weight loss would not be what it is today... it's amazing when you think about, right? :o)

Tammy said...

Boy, can I relate to the slow weight loss. I've been stuck at the exact same weight for five days now. It won't budge one way or the other. I need to learn to weigh myself less often. Anyway, keep up the great work! Slow weight loss really is best--it will stay off and it means you are not losing muscle :)

CaRoLyN said...

I think taking the time to reflect on how far you have come and also how you have gotten there is a great idea. I like to look at old pictures and try to put myself in my own shoes, 2 years ago. It really helps to motivate me.

Bloggin has been such a great resource and the support is amazing!

Swizzlepop said...

No one has ever referred to me as a scientist before, I didn't eve pass that subject, well I did but not with anything worth talkign about, LOL. I do work with scientist though, maybe their nerdiness has rubbed off on me ;)

You made me blush and laugh with this post. Thank you!

1 pound a week is great what are you talking about? You're totally making this work for you! And I love how you have "trained" your family to be suportive.
I totally agree with the cyber-space support. I don't know where I would be without all of you.

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