Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holding my Head High

I am trying to hold my head high as I report a gain of 3.2

It is a gain, definately. The scale said 163.6 - or did it? OK, this is where I try to justify the gain. Why? Because I can't accept that a few beer, a couple glasses of wine and 5 VERY small chocolates did this.

I had a debacle at a lawyers office last night and was 'required' to sign new mortgage documents ASAP. NOT - the documents were nothing like what I had discussed with the banker - variable vs fixed, term, interest rate - they were ALL different. What a waste of time. I'll be back there again on Saturday to, hopefully, sign the right documents.

Anyway, this meant I couldn't go home and put on my weigh-in outfit - I was running late for meeting as was. Usually not a biggie, but yesterday I was wearing cords and a belt with a buckle! So, shocker, they weigh significantly more than my cotton slacks.

Also (TMI) I was quite bloated. See, when I go home I usually also hit the washroom. But this was more than that. Something wasn't sitting right. Also, likely related to this, I had processed soup for lunch both Tuesday and Wednesday, which usually means sodium. My MO is to avoid excess sodium after Monday evening.

So, I suspect I DID gain this week, but that a good portion of this gain will be gone by tomorrow morning.

I've also been reflecting a bit after reading Carolyn and Randi's blog and realize that I haven't been celebrating the non-food aspects of this journey. I am going to build some personal challenges surrounding exercise as I know I've been slacking - I didn't have a lot of time available in September, but that's a relatively lame excuse. I'm going to be busy in November, too, but that doesn't mean I can't fit in 2.5 hours/week. I think I'll always struggle with this aspect, so it will be my focus in the coming weeks (again).

Also, thanks to my co-worker Heidi. She brought in 2 more pairs of pants. A pair of black slacks I could do up, but some major muffin toppage and tight buttage happening. I also have a pair of black slacks that fit like this last spring that I'm thinking of sizing the larger ones, but will take some pictures first. So, in line with other Christmas challengers, I have found my Christmas challenge pants that I hope will be suitable for wear by Christmas. The nice thing about this part is that it's not a scale item that we're comparing to, and it's not all food that will get me where I want to be. It's crunches, glute moves, walking, etc.

I really do feel rejuvinated today. It's the start of another week. My food journal is a clean slate and I'm excited to fill it up with great choices and activity points.


dizzydazey said...

I love the idea of not focusing so much on scales and food, but rather size and activity.

I'm sure a lot of your gain was just circumstances - it'll be gone by next week and you'll have a rockin WI!

Have a Great Day!!

Cory said...

Very good attitude you have right now! Good job on that.
While I have my scale goals, I don't really put definite timelines on them because I generally fail that way. I haven't picked a pair of Christmas pants either. I would probably end up crying if for some reason I can't wear them by then. :) Wouldn't that be a way to end a challenge?

CaRoLyN said...

I think setting a few goals that aren't scale related is a great idea! I've been trying to do it this week and on Monday I set a few goals for myself. Acheieving those goals, I must say is just as satisfying as seeing a lower number on the scale.

Don't sweat the gain, it just means you'll see a nicer loss next week!!

CaRoLyN said...

PS You should take before and after pics in the pants!

noelle said...

I like not having scale goals because we can't control that evil thing. We can control if we track, make good choices, get our workouts in. Cool that you are getting hand me downs. I live in my jammies I swear since they are the only thing that don't fall off. Good thing I'm a SAHM!

Swizzlepop said...

I bet you it is sodium. Read my last 3 entreis and you can see that I was/am experiencing similar issues. Twice now I have managed to lose 2 lbs over night and it is all because if flushing out the excess sodium. It really sucks but thouse soups will get you. Hold your head high because you are doing well!

Bri said...

Yay! Progress pants :) I'm gonna try mine on tonight to see how I'm doing. Don't worry - sounds like the weight is temporary - it's good that you aren't leeting it de-motivate you!

jodi said...

you will totally see those pounds gone by next week, if not more... i had a small gain this week too and attribute that to all the alcohol i had on vacation... i'm not worried though, it's the start of another week - just like youd said... :o)

BB said...

Hey Candace,
I'm up for a Christmas and/or New Year's challenge. Could you give me more info on Sparks? I'm clueless on this one. Don't worry about your gain...sounds like a number of factors-I'm sure you're fine.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Sounds right to me... the clothes really do make a huge difference.

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