Friday, October 19, 2007

Wednesday WI

For the week ended October 17, I am down 2.4

I knew the gain last week was not all gain, and I recognize that I have officially switched to winter-wear for weigh-in. Current weight at 161.2 and I am eager just to see 15X on that scale.


Steph said...

Holy SCHNIPES Scarlett - Rhett better watch out!!! You are doing fantastic, amazing, outstanding, awesome and I am sooooooooo inspired by your loss!! God knows I needed some inspiration today - thanks so much for being a friend and a Barbie bud - you ROCK!!


noelle said...

You are sooooo close to those 150';ll see them soon. And I wonder what I will wear to weigh in. I swear I am usually there half naked. Not going to work in the snow of CO! LOL

Swizzlepop said...

Yay for the loss! I say that you wear layers to WI and peel them off to what you can get away with without getting arrested before you get on the scale.
FInd a light WI outfit and change right before you get on teh scale then change back. It's not agains the rules. :)

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