Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Food choices

I've been kind of 'blah' all week and am not sure what to expect tomorrow night at WI. I am going to wear my cords again, so at least we'll get a 'real' reading this time. I know I need to get back to my morning routines - I've been dragging every morning for the past few weeks and know this would help me.

I slacked off on journalling, but have done a mental count of points and don't think I'm under on any day. I've also been conscious of getting my dairy and oils as that's historically been a weak point.

I had a good workout dance/yoga on Thursday night, followed by swimming on both Saturday and Sunday evenings with the kids and a good walk (45mins maybe?) with the dog on Sunday. I'm going to take an aquasize class tonight as well.

I've probably been drinking too much coffee again. Saturday maybe wasn't such a good eating day. I started off behind the 8-ball by running late to the LOs dance class, so I took mil and the 9yo to the donut shop and had a coffee and half a ham and cheese scone. After we got home, hubby and I had to run to the lawyers to sign mortgage documents and took the LO to the bakery afterwards. I had another coffee and a small oatcake (so far, so not good). Hubby was eyeing the brown bread, so I bought a loaf and said I'd make him some baked beans. Then I had a mini-supper while hubby was at the grocery of a bit of chicken, rice, that new PC curry sauce for chicken and some veggies. Mil had some too and really liked it. I just needed some 'real' food at that point. I scored brownie points with the family at supper, but ended up with baked beans, ham and scalloped potatoes for supper. Then I totally blew the day when I decided to have a couple of pistachio's - it's been a while since I've had a salty snack and I went a bit over-board. I did stop myself before I went too-too far. Luckily, both kids love them too, and finished the bag off in short order.

Other than Saturday, I think I've been doing pretty good trying to stick with as many whole foods as possible. I made a few more 'frozen dinners' this week. This little chore actually makes me feel really good and takes some stress out of lunch time. When I go to work, my cooler is packed with lots of healthy choices - I often find myself going home with some stuff uneaten. Today I had granola and soy drink for breaky, a frozen dinner for lunch, 4 Simple Pleasures lemon cookies (120 calories for 4) as a coffee snack (OK, maybe this isn't healthy, but we all need something sometimes, and it's better I have it in small quantities while at work so I don't have any more), an apple and some rice crackers. I don't think I'll bother with the crackers today and really need to get to the grocery for some more fruit, carrots and nuts. I'm working on cup 6 of water mid-afternoon. So, without the crackers, I'll have had 15 pts before going home tonight - which leave 7 pts left for supper and snack, if desired - I'm going to try not to use any flex's today with tomorrow as WI. I think I feel like chicken tonight.

Last night, Mark cooked some trout in I don't know what kind of sauce. Yummy! He was frying some potatoes and I grabbed one. He slapped my hand and told me I couldn't have them because they were fried. So I said, "Aren't you frying them in olive oil?". Uh - duh, yes. So I had trout and fried taters - Double Yummy! Then a piece on Naan Bread with Pizza sauce and grated mozza - OK, badish in that I'd already eaten, but it was a smallish piece, and LF cheese. I love that Naan bread. The garlic is super nice done as a basic pizza (no extra toppings and not too much sauce or cheese). My kids just love this and I'm so glad that it's a good alternative for the 9yo to take on pizza Fridays to lunch since she can't have regular cheese.

I don't feel like I've done a lot exercise wise this week, but I will exceed my 150 minutes that I wanted to do so I feel good about that. It's better than I've been doing, anyway.


jodi said...

could be the change in weather, i know a lot of people who are just feeling 'blah'... i just wanted to say that i make naan pizzas all the time - they are so good... have you tried the turkey pepperoni yet? it's delish! :o)

CaRoLyN said...

I've been eyeing the Naan bread at my grocery store. Do you know how many points it is? It would be great with a little pizza sauce and cheese! yumm!

I've also been thinking about making some baked beans lately but I don't know where. I've made a goal for myself this week to spend more time in the kitchen and start trying some new things! Do you know of any baked bean recipes that are WW friendly? ( I know double negative!)

I have a coffee everyday at lunch time so don't sweat it too much!

Swizzlepop said...

I LOVE naan! I love Indian food really. I also buy naan at Trader Joe's for when we make Indian food, never thought to make a pizza with it. I even have the garlic one!

Sounds like you're doing fine despite the blah's.

I agree with jodi and believe that it is teh weather affecting everyone. I know it is definitely affecting me!

Thanks for all the comments too! :)

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