Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In-Between Clothes

Last year in August, I bought 2 suites from The Bay, a black one and a brown one. They were quite pricey (I'm a cheapo at heart), but I wanted something nice as I was in "I need a different job." mode. In fact, I did switch jobs late October and am quite happy now.

Anyway, it's funny I think, because I hate to get rid of these suites. I paid a lot of money for them - they're Nygard and, although I'm not a 'name' person, anyone who's worn Nygard (or Lizwear, etc) knows the quality and feel are totally worth it. It's so nice to have a few articles of clothing that fit like that. I compliment with stuff from used clothing stores, Sears Outlet, and Wal-Mart. Today, I have the black slacks on hiked up with a belt and I actually sent the brown suite to the cleaners without even knowing if it still fits.

Yet, because I am a cheapo, I hate to spend money on new suites when I still want to drop 2 dress sizes by Christmas - well, 14s are starting to get loosy and the 12s I have are still tighty. Grrr. I think what I REALLY need to do is go buy a bunch of nylons and start wearing more skirts/dresses (that'll make hubby happy at least). Once they sit too far below the waist they have to go. Skirts tend to be more 'forgiving' than slacks when they get too big.

On the plus side, I'm back in C nylons after several years as a D. I remember when Mark and I were 'courting' (so corny, but then 'dating' doesn't really seem to fit, either) he used to buy me Bs sometimes when I would send him, and I would chastise him, saying C - you know - C, for Candace. Ahh, happy days!

I did make my way to a used clothing store, but in the end, I'm just not ecstatic with the stuff I got. It really is, "It'll do", at least in the pants department. Tops I'm very happy with. I bought 1 pair of brown casual pants and 1 pair of jeans. The jeans are gonna go now, though. After wearing them a few times I'm just not happy. I am tall and long-waisted and am not carrying a lot of weight around in my lower glutes and thighs (some, just not a huge amount). Whoever had these jeans before me did carry a lot of weight there, even if their waist was the same size as me. The effect, baggy ass pants - need I say more. Tummy looks great, butt - not so.

Still not sure what to do. Guess I'll go get my hair dyed, since I've decided to grow it out again. See, this takes the focus away from the clothing dilema for a while. I always hate to look of longer hair with gray strings. I remember standing beside my then-sil as a teen and thinking, "Why doesn't she colour that. It looks aweful." She had long dark hair with not a lot of gray, but the gray that there was was just so...shiny. Unfortunately, I am the same.

I also saw some great undies in a magazine. They had lycra and a seam up the back-side which is supposed to look great and alleviate the 'uni-bum' when wearing pants. I think they were a gazillion dollars each. I bought cotton Ls at Sears Bargain Basement for 99cents each a few weeks ago. One pair has already torn after a trip through the washer and dryer. A gazillion dollars for 'lift' and 'form'. I'll really have to think about this.

I think my feet have shrunk. Did I really have fat on my feet? Anyway, my shoes just seem roomier lately. Great - something else to spend money on. I'll need $50+ gas funds to go to Mardens in Callais so I can buy shoes for next to nothing. Last time I was there I got 4 pairs of shoes for $12.50 plus tax USD. I figured that to be around $5/pair of shoes. So worth the trip. Issue being - my family members have all moved away from St Stephens now so I'd have to come back right away or spend a night which would increase my costs for shoes exponentially.

About the only think that still seems to 'work' is my bathing suite. I just can't figure that one out.



CaRoLyN said...

It's weird to read a blog and know the places that you are talking about! (Calais) I'm in Saint John NB so I'm constantly going down to Marden's and Shop & Save to stock up on WW products and low cal stuff that we just can't get here in the States. It's just not fair!!Plus my Dad lives in St. Stephen so it's good to get down to visit him.
I know what you mean about the clothes situation. I'm kind of in between sizes too and my pants are starting to look a little sloppy but I don't think I can squeeze into the next size down. I'm also a cheapo at heart so I hate to go out and buy new ones when I'm hoping to be a size smaller by Christmas. What is a girl to do? sigh....

Kate from AZ said...

How about going and getting the suits altered? Have them taken in! That would be a great feeling and probably worth the money!

The best butt jeans so far have been the Gap. If you get their stretch jeans they do hug the butt just right.

What a problem to have though-you need new clothes! It's a good sign...we just need to win the lottery :)

dizzydazey said...

Yay for needing new clothes. I was going to suggest altering, too. Or if you don't think that'll work, take them to a consignment shop. That way you'll at least get some money back to go towards new clothes.

My feet have shrunk sizes twice since losing weight. I was a 9 and I'm now an 8'ish. It's weird because I wouldn't think they'd shrink in length. Maybe I'm loosing toe fat. :o)

Keep up that good work, girl, and enjoy finding you some bargains. I can't wait until I HAVE to go find new clothes - I love a good bargain. :o)

Calyn said...

Yep, altering is the advice of the day! And my shoes are all looser now too! It is a pain when you are in-between, but it is better than having to go up a size ;) Keep up the good work!!!

jodi said...

ugh, i hate the whole 'need new clothing but want to lose more weight' dilemma... i think what you said was good though - focus on skirts for now since they are more forgiving... i have to wear most of mine on my hips anyway, since my waist is much smaller, so i can wear them thru different sizes...

Roni said...

I was going to say altering but they beat me too it!

Get them alter you will feel good wearing "old - new" suites that fit perfectly!

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