Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The revival

Hmmm, I'm still tired but feeling much better today. I do not function well on little sleep. Why do I feel better? Well, I got an email from our tech support asking me to go home at last night so he could re-boot the server and was wanting to go to bed himself. So, I logged off, posted here and went home. I crawled into bed around 12:30. Honestly, a few late nights and I was like lead getting out of bed this morning. BUT, for the first time in weeks I didn't just roll over and go to sleep. I've been missing hubby and needed some cuddle time - I guess he felt the same way. It's amazing how the 'old married couple' routine just takes over sometimes and you're just 2 people who happen to live in the same house. It's always nice to break down those walls and reconnect, and with kids and work sometimes those walls need to come down when normal people are asleep, lol. Anyway, I don't know if that's the full connection or if I've just gone beyond tired and am bordering on delusional!!!

Anyway, still a tonne of work to do. It's gonna get busier as today is year-end, the scariest time of the year.

Happy Halloween y'all.

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swizzlepop said...

I hope things settle down soon and that you can recoonect with hubby, get some sleep and feel normal again. (I never feel normal when my sleep is compromised)

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