Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have to Share

Are you trying to lose, but end up maintaining?

Do you find yourself taking a bite of this, a lick of that, just a taste of the other?

Even if you don't maybe you're 'mindless' about it. I know I was. Even healthy BLTs add up.

This post by Corinne at PnP will shed new light - at least it did for me. I'm not as bad as the scenario she set out, but at least once a day over the past week I have stopped and caught myself - often with spoon for hand-held morsel half way to mouth. Instead of BLTing, plan to eat a few carrots during clean-up, or chew some minty gum during food prep. Even healthy BLTs add up.

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Randi said...

I get her emails, and you're right this one is a doozy. I am super on plan BLT wise during the week (tough when you're at work with only the food you planned on eating). But weekends, lookout. I might make myself do some squats or something. good idea.

You found a super expert tri-trainer for me? Thanks!

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