Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Break and Upcoming Foodies

Well, this is March Break and we're down to 1 car until later in the week. I took the LO to daycare today. Yesterday I let her stay home since she was as exhausted as everyone else and I thought it wouldn't hurt her. She had a lot of fun with Daddy and Sissy. She told me all about how Sissy had put sprinkes on her face and how she looked 'weyard'. They were basically full of *iss and vinegar last night.

We ended up going to the grocery, pharmacy, dollar store and tried at the discount store, but they were closed. Allowances are burning a hole right through someone's little purse and she just couldn't find 'IT' - the thing worth spending that money on.

So, my plans for the gym took a back seat. I'll get there tonight though, I hope. I've a hair appointment. Just a trim, but it'll be a first step towards my new look. Oh, measurements - here goes:

I've lost 4.25 inches in each of January and February. Kind of funny when I look at them though, because I consider the bust and rib cage losses the same losses since they're so close - you know - back fat. This is good, though, and I'll take it. I think my waist is slowly moving. The waist is measured at the smallest spot, which isn't necessarily where you think it is. I think of waist as, when you look in the mirror straight-on that part that indents the most. Not so for me. I need to look in the mirror from the side and it's that part just above where the belly starts to protrude. This is still around an inch above where the sides are smallest, so as this number changes, hopefully the location being measured will change, too.
Also, new goal for a reduced BFI (or Body Fat index). As near as I can figure, the 'healthy' range for this runs parallel to BMI (Body Mass index), but has more to do with muscle content in the body. As of Sunday:
BMI: 24
BFI: 25.3
I had set my goal for BFI at 22, but am thinking just to try and lower it 1 point at a time. So, while 22 is a long-term goal, I am going to work first towards a BFI of 24. I also have a waist goal of 28 inches. There - it's out there.
I don't think Easter is going to be so tough. I plan on indulging in a green beer next Monday, and maybe some green eggs for breakfast. Not sure if I'm up for the traditional fare, and since hubby and I rarely get out together I can't see us getting to visit some of the metro establishments. As for Easter, so far the cream-filled eggs haven't bothered me in the least. My biggest problem is when bite-sized pieces end up lying around. Although I had a chat with everyone and told them that the other day. Last night the 9yo informed me that they were 'helping me out' and that they had hidden the latest creation of chocolate macaroons (or haystacks, or frogs, whatever you call them, they're yummy). So I'm hopeful that gentle reminders will keep the BLT's at bay. And that's all today kiddies. Hope you're having a great week.


Steph said...

WOW - your measurements are incredible!! So what do you think has been the leading factor in the losses?? The training from Phit and Phat or the diet?? I'm still throwing around the idea of joining but then I'm concerned because I may need someone in real life to kick my butt??

Way to go - you are doing fantastic!

jodi said...

wow, great progress w/your measurements... i haven't taken mine in a while, need to add that to my 'to do' list... thanks for the reminder! :o)

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