Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Positivityolutely vs. Suckidyduckidy

Or as Mouse would list it, the Good, Bad and Ugly. I'll steal her format.

Good: Went to my mothers this weekend for a relaxing weekend
Bad: It stormed, we stayed an extra day and I missed work Monday
Ugly: On my way out of town the car broke down via catalatic converter and wire issues via fire under the hood

Good: The fire did go out on its own
Bad: The RCMP drove us back to Mom's
Ugly: The girls and I running down the road and me freaking out

Good: Mom loaned me her van so I could get to/from work and took care of the car
Bad: Mom's van is a gas guzzler
Ugly: I live several km's from work highway in what I affectionately refer to as commuterville

Good: The car was easily fixed and for ONLY $160
Bad: There are more storms this week and weekend so I don't know when I can get it back
Ugly: I just spent $700 on safety inspection last Friday

Good: I got in one good exercise session on Saturday while I was at Mom's
Bad: I wasn't up to doing anything else and haven't worked out since
Ugly: My food hasn't been stellar either

Good: I took the kids to a wildlife sanctuary for a wonderful winter walk
Bad: We walked too far and they both got tired. I piggy-backed the 4yo and carried the 9yo's jacket for the last leg
Ugly: I think the rough road on the way to the sanctuary is what knocked the wires that caused the car problems

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Swizzlepop said...

At least there was some good to counteract the bad and ugly. I hope you get your car back soon and that you can get back on track. I think you can count the piggyback walk back as somthing. Carrying a 4yo is work!

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