Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Ahead

This weekend was all about moving the clocks ahead an hour. Is anyone else falling asleep at their desk today?

It's clouded over, but there's definately a different feel to the sunshine lately. A more direct glow and it's working for me. After a couple of nights sleep I'll be able to enjoy it more.

We're having a bit of a BLT challenge at PnP this month. I never considered myself much of a BLTer, but let me tell you - when you're conscious of it something pops up (or in) every day. The penalty for licking the pb off the jar or gobbling up that scoop of left-over KD - your choice of pop-squats or push-ups. I haven't had to do any yet, but have caught myself with hand on way to mouth almost daily to pop some nutritionally empty off-plan nugget in there.

OK, the work-out plan for this week. I'm hoping my brain stays functioning long enough to plan my menu this week - something I should have done yesterday.

Monday: Lwr Body ST and 20 minute cardio
Tuesday: 50 minute cardio
Wednesday: Day off (and week 1 of maintenance weigh-in)
Thursday: Dance/yoga
Friday: Upper body ST and 20 minute cardio
Saturday: Lwr Body ST and 20 minute cardio
Sunday: Day off

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