Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When Will The Weekend End???

As you may have guessed from my title I have not recovered as nicely as I had planned. Last night I asked my husband to take all of the chocolate in the house and hide or toss it. I didn't care which, but I could NOT have it just sitting there any longer. I really thought I had THAT kind of self-control - I laugh out loud at that. It was, in truth, quite humbling to admit that I had gorged on chocolate for 3 days. Well - not from morning to night, but once a day, each day, I ate enough until I couldn't eat any more. Physically, I could eat more, but the taste was getting gross.

OK, so after a weekend of not so great meal consumption (Fri, Sat, Sun) and another weekend of disgusting chocolate consumption (Sun, Mon, Tues) I totally deserve a massive gain on the scales tonight. I have no idea what that does to maintenance. I feel so fraudulent - like I had a glimpse of the 140s (149.8 to be exact) and that put me at maintenance. I promptly went back into the 150s with a vengence. Oh my - oh my. Has this happened to anyone else?


Steph said...

OH here is Barbie in the corner jumping up and's like you get to a "comfortable" place and suddenly all the rational thoughts race from your body. Like chocolate becomes a food group and fried foods are okay and I don't have to workout so know just the "I've arrived" mentality. Then of course reality smacks us in the face and knocks us down a notch or two. A couple of positives though - First you are able to recognize this behavior and aren't afraid to enlist the help of asking your husband to rid the house of candy - GREAT idea!! Second - the simple fact that you quit eating chocolate when it lost it's appeal......really, most people will sit and eat until they are sick so you should be calling that a huge NSV!

Remember this is a journey and as long as our "good" days outnumber our "bad" days then we are working towards lifelong health!

HappyBlogChick said...

Well, I was going to comment and then I read Steph's comment and really, I couldn't say it any better.

So, just "ditto."

And the chocolate is gone, so the weekend is over, so HOORAY!

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