Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Top 'O the (Yawn) Mornin' To Ya

Well, last night was St. Patty's Day. Oh, we all looked cute. I wore a green top with leaves across the neck - not my fav, but I realized the only green top I had. Hubby also had a green top on. The 9yo dressed in dark green capris, and lime green t-shirt and fleecy. Even the 4yo decided to get in on the action, wearing her kilt-like skirt and one of her sissy's green pj tops (from Old Navy and it looked 'uber cute on her). Mark took the girls to McDs for a Happy Meal and Shamrock Shakes. When I got home he had to go to his sisters (around 45 mins away) to give her some documents for the car she bought from us and to change the headlight. He picked up some Ale on the way home (although I suspect it was Scottish).

I've never been sure why he's so into St. Patty's since his geneology is Scottish and English. Jealousy maybe? I was a McC, my mom was a Mac, and there was LeBlanc along the way, too. I feel quite justified in my fascination for all things Irish and Scottish and proud of a French heritage, albeit one that was lost (ever heard of the Acadian expulsion from Nova Scotia? My ancestors changed their last name to White so they could stay. Now je ne parlez pas francais. Although I get a wicked tan in the summer).

Are you ready for this weekend? I think I can handle it. Mil is coming up Saturday for the night and I work next Monday, so it'll be short and sweat with other distractions than stale Easter chocolate and hard jelly beans.


Steph said...

Very interesting - my mom's family has a lot of french and irish in them.....unfortunately, St. Patty's Day isn't big for our family - heck I didn't even wear green - OUCH!

Hope things go good for you this weekend - you will do fantastic as always!

By the way - did I say CONGRATS on reaching goal??? OMG - I am soooo happy for you. You are truly amazing!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Nope, I sure wasn't ready for the weekend, and it showed! My eating was pretty out of control! Hope you fared better than I did!

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