Friday, March 14, 2008

What do you WANT from this Journey

Or whatever journey you're on. I can across this great article yesterday and it really opens the door for thinking about goal setting in a new way. Why go for lbs lost when you can determine what it is you REALLY want. For me, it was energy. I'm working on my new goals, but need to determine the TRUE goal behind it. WHY do I feel the need to continue with working out, cleaning the clutter in my house and why am I considering career changes (not necessarily a job change, but a long-term career switch)? I'm more messed up than ya'll know.

According to David Wood, "The "Things We Chase" list often includes: money, fame/recognition, sex, power/responsibility, achievement, big house/car, more time.
The "Things we REALLY want" list often includes: love, intimacy, adventure, peace, security, creativity/expression and freedom.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but why chase the things that aren't what we really want. Why not spend our valuable time doing things that will bring ourselves closer to our true goals. For me, the thought of getting into a 2-piece bathing suite is nice, but it's not my 'goal'. It may be a result of achieving other goals, but it's not my true goal. Why do I want this then? I'm guessing acceptance - being able to go to the pool and have fun with my kids without feeling self-conscious.

Take care.


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Okay, but what if what I WANT is for every man I pass to lust after my perfect body? What then????

Colette said...

Yeah I'm with Becky!!! LUST...LUST...LUST....LMAO......

anna said...

thanks for posting this. i needed that reminder today.

oh, and btw, what i really want is a skinny tummy. but sometimes what i REALLY WANT is another brownie.


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